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Are you having problems in your marriage or committed relationship?

Hi, this is professional couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT.

I know there is nothing worse than the pain of being in conflict with your partner and fearing the worst, that your relationship may breakdown completely. 

Being stuck in relationship hell and not knowing how to get out is a deep pain that doesn't let up. It can ruin a person's entire life!

There are many reasons couples can't seem to find love and harmony in their relationship. For example:

- Anger at one another
- Misunderstandings
- Talking that often leads to bickering and arguing
- Lack of romance and sex
- Cheating
- Abuse and control
- Financial irresponsibility
- Narcissism
- Conflict over parenting issues
- and other reasons...

I don't want you to live in relationship pain — plain and simple!

And I will do anything reasonable to help you fix your problems so you can have a relationship that is loving, healthy, and long-lasting.

There is a great deal of free relationship material on this website that has been carefully prepared for you. Explore my site, take your time, and find the help you need to improve your relationship.

In addition to the free material, I have written three definitive guides that target the relationship problems listed above. I believe these three easy to read practical guides are the best relationship books ever written. You can purchase them for a few dollars from Amazon. These books are displayed in the box below. Click or Tap on the pictures of these books to learn more.

When couples follow scientific principals and rules, they can build a good relationship. This means that when you do the 'right thing' you will have a healthy, happy, and loving relationship. All the material presented on my site — that will teach you how to do the "right thing" — is based on proven scientific research and clinical experience.

A minority of couples seem to know how to create relationship love and harmony without outside help. However, if you and your partner are like most couples, a helping hand from a caring professional is essential to show you how to make a good marriage or committed relationship. I am here to help.

Take from my website as much help as you need, bookmark my website address for your future needs, and let's stay in touch.

Wishing you and your family the very best,



Your Committed Relationship Center

Professional help you can trust

fix a broken marriage, free marriage counseling, online marriage counseling

Prevent Divorce

emotinally abusive husband, emotionaly abusive wife, emotional abuse

Stop Emotional Abuse

surviving infidelity, cheating husband, cheating wife

Survive Infidelity

If you worry about or are afflicted with relationship conflict, abuse or infidelity — you are in the right place! We have the best SOLUTIONS FOR YOU. Let us give you PRACTICAL and INEXPENSIVE ways to overcome relationship problems that tear families apart and create personal stress and mental illness. Be a marriage or committed relationship builder —  use our Marriage-Intelligence.

Marriage-Intelligenceit's different, it's decisive, be a committed relationship or marriage builder!

Marriage-Intelligence Core Values:
Be S.A.F.E.

S - Scientific: Healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationships are founded on 19 scientific principles. These principals can benefit all committed relationships with predictable and positive outcomes. Learn more about the science of having a positive marriage and committed relationship. Click or Tap and go to our Relationship Map.

A - Anger: Anger is love's poison. Anger expressions will always destroy a relationship and the degree to which anger can be eliminated is the measure of how much harmony, love, and respect can be present in the relationship. 

F - First: Putting your partner first generates a healthy, happy, and long-lasting marriage or committed relationship. This core value can only be sustained when both partners use this standard to guide their behavior.

E - Equal: Both men and women are of equal value and deserve equally the same entitlements. With agreement, either gender can specialize in particular tasks required by the family. 

marriage builder, free marriage counseling, marriage help, fix a broken marriage

Marriage-Intelligence is for anyone in a committed relationship — regardless of culture, nationality, or religion.


PREVENT DIVORCE [and have the best marriage or committed relationship possible]

Divorce hurts everyone: the two partners, children, extended family, and friends. Sometimes divorce is necessary, but most often it can be prevented. Marriage is a science. When you know what "to do," and you "do it," you can have a happy and long-lasting relationship. Learn more:

Prevent Divorce

STOP EMOTIONAL ABUSE [live with respect]

Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, domestic violence are all WRONG and cannot be justified! Many individuals that abuse, do so because they don't know any other way. Victims of abuse can free themselves. Abusers can change when they want. Learn more:

Stop Emotional Abuse

SURVIVE INFIDELITY [give your marriage a second chance]

Reversing the devastating impact infidelity has is not easy and the means to do so are complicated. However, with proper guidance most relationships can be repaired and love and trust established. Learn more:

Survive Infidelity

True stories from the files of committed relationship therapist Abe Kass MA, RSW, RMFT, CCHT

Prevent Divorce

Laura and John had been married for five years, and they had one young son.


John believed he could share with his wife ALL his thoughts and feelings. When he did, he was critical, harsh, and opinionated. Laura felt uncomfortable, misunderstood, and put-down.


Since childhood, Laura had been shy and sensitive. The strong emotions she felt when upset would frighten her to the point where she froze-up and could not speak.


When John would "speak out" with a loud voice and pointed opinions, Laura would feel intimidated and would then withdraw.


When John would ask her what was wrong, she would mumble, "Nothing," while her faced flushed red and tears rolled down her cheeks. Every time John would ask what the problem was, Laura would just repeat her one word, "Nothing."


Not wanting to see his wife cry and unhappy, John would get upset when she would not tell him what the problem was. He wanted to "fix" the problem. However, when Laura kept her feelings to herself, John felt powerless and would then become angry. He didn't know how to handle a situation that was beyond his control.


At this point, after years of not knowing how to correct the problem, Laura and John did not feel safe around each other. Both felt misunderstood so they stoped communicating. 


There loneliness was most intense when they were home at the same time.


Laura and John protected themselves by avoiding each other. Unhappy and disillusioned, they wondered why they stayed married.


Laura and John had three sessions with a relationship specialist who gave them some insight into their problems. The therapist recommended some reading material for both of them.


Laura learned to be more assertive and to express her feelings. She told John she didn't like his strong opinions and negative comments. 


John never understood that his strong words had such a negative impact on Laura. He was relieved to know what was "the problem," because now he could do something to improve the situation.


John began to filter what he said to Laura so she would feel comfortable around him. He was more positive in speech and talked less about "Laura" to Laura.


Gradually their comfort and closeness with each other returned. They were grateful that they had done the needed relationship work that led to peace, happiness and relationship longevity.

Stop Emotonal Abuse

Matt and Cindy were married for 17 years. They had four children aged from three-years-old to 14-years-old.


Matt's mother had passed away when he was about six-years-old. His father was devastated by the loss of his wife. He became an angry and hardhearted man. Matt did not experience tenderness growing up. His father was harsh and neglectful.


After Matt married, he treated his wife and children cruelly, demanding that they do whatever he wanted. As a successful lawyer, Matt felt he was entitled to make all the decisions. Matt used anger to bully each family member to submit to his will.


Cindy was depressed and anxious because of her marriage, and the children were having problems at school. Cindy knew something was seriously wrong in her family, but she did not know what.

Cindy educated herself about abuse and realized that what Matt was doing was wrong and could not be justified. With the help of a close girlfriend, she found the courage to take the children and moving in with her parents.


Matt was devastated when Cindy and the children left. He never thought he could lose his family.


Cindy agreed to a limited relationship with Matt provided they go for therapy and educate themselves about abuse. Matt objected. He did not want to speak to anyone or read any books. Cindy remained strong and told Matt she would not return home unless he cooperated and learned about abuse and how to be a proper husband and father.


The more Matt learned about emotional abuse, anger, and marriage intimacy, the more he came to realize how bad his behavior had been. Looking objectively at himself, he did not want to be that person that everyone feared.


Six months after Cindy left with the children they returned home. Matt was a different person. He recognized that Cindy had the same rights as he, and that she was entitled to kindness and respect.


Cindy was very appreciative that Matt had done a "personality makeover." Their love-life that had stopped years before, returned as she naturally grew close to Matt.


Matt was appreciative that Cindy had stood up to him. This was a wake-up-call and had given him the opportunity to change his ways and become a better person. He appreciated the second chance he got, and that he could continue to be fully present in the lives of his children.

Surviving infidelity

Tina and Mark had been together for six years. Two years earlier they married.


Tina work as a teacher in a neighborhood school.


Cory was a new teacher in the school where Tina worked. Cory and Tina had a natural affinity for one another since as students they had I attended the same high school and had many friends in common.


Tina and Cory began meeting after work for coffee. After a few weeks, strong feelings of attraction developed between them. When Tina was going out to be with Cory, she would lie to Mark saying she had work meetings to attend, when in fact she had planned a romantic liaison with Cory. Mark would gladly cover for Tina, feeling she was progressing in her career and wanted to be supportive. He had no idea that she was cheating on him.


One evening, Tina forgot her cellphone in the bathroom. The next morning when Mark was using the bathroom he noticed many messages on the screen. Some of these messages had come in the middle of the night. This made no sense to Mark, he was nervous about what this could mean. Opening up Tina's phone, Mark discovered a long list of messages between Tina and an unknown man named Corey. Looking closer, Mark saw sexually provocative pictures that had been exchanged and messages of love and lust. Mark was devastated.


With the phone evidence in his hand, Mark confronted Tina. With tears in her eyes, all Tina could do what is to admit her guilt and apologize.

Tina and Mark were devastated. They were numb and had no idea what to do next.


They began reading books and information found on Amazon and other websites. They came to realize that infidelity, although a tragic mistake, is, in fact, forgivable under certain circumstances.


Tina ended her relationship with Corey and promised to Look for a teaching position in a different school. Together that they went for infidelity recovery therapy and marriage therapy from a relationship specialist who encouraged them to try to get through this and stay together. It took Tina and Mark two years of heavy-duty therapy until finally, they felt they were ready to proceed forward on their own. During the months of therapy, their love and trust returned.


Tina was grateful to Mark who forgave her and for giving the two of them a second chance to be a family. Sometime later, Tina gave birth to a delightful little girl.


During a tender moment, Mark commented that although he hated her cheating, he appreciated that it had given them a chance to fix their other relationship problems. Tina loved Mark and was grateful for his strength of character and commitment to her and his help getting through the mess that she had created.