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Question: What is the difference when you accept your relationship problems or you fix your relationship problems?

Answers: See below...

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Accept a broken marriage!

Do nothing: If you do nothing you will remain in relationship pain. You will continue to experience loneliness, anger, rejection and disrespect. Likely, your situation will even become worse.

Marriage and relationship problems worsen over time. Working with you partner will accelerate the marriage improvement, however there is much you an do on your own.

The quality of your relationship with your partner is the greatest influence over whether your life is a happy one or not. 

Fix a broken marriage

Learn how to fix a broken marriage or committed relationship: Build a passionate marriage with these online marriage counseling tools.

Marriage builders solve their relationship problems and enjoy a healthy, happy and long lasting marriage or committed relationship.

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anger management, extreme anger, emotional abuse

Accept relationship anger!

Do nothing: The majority of relationships that fail, do so because of anger.

Anger has many faces. Anger includes shouting, sarcasm, deliberate not talking or cooperating, and physical and emotional abuse.

If you just "accept" anger in your relationship you will live in misery, get divorced or bring the police into your house to stop aggression. 

Stop anger 

Anger management for a good marriage: Anger is "love's" poison. Anger and love cannot exist together.

Relationship happiness can only exist in an anger free marriage or committed relationship. 

Learn how to stay calm in all situations and build a healthy, happy and long lasting marriage.

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marriage builders, how to fix a broken marriage,  free marriage counseling

Live with depression and sadness!

Do nothing: If you just "live" with depression you are dooming yourself to unnecessary unhappiness and placing great stress on you marriage. As important as physical attraction is, so too is emotional attractiveness. Being depressed, which often leads to anger and moodiness, is emotionally ugly. Your husband or wife will not want to be in your company when you are sad, depressed and gloomy. As well, depressed individuals cant enjoy a healthy sex life. A sexless marriage is at risk of many relationship ailments such as infidelity and divorce. 

Defeat depression and sadness

Improve your emotional health by reducing or elimination circumstantial depression and sadness: The majority of individuals unintentionally depress themselves. Negative thinking and unrealistic expectations doom them to gloomy feelings.The idea of a "chemical imbalance" is an unproved assertion as the cause of sadness.Learn how to develop healthy thoughts and feelings so you feel good about your life and future and contribute to your partner enjoying your company. No one likes to be around "negative" and depressed people including your husband or wife.

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Have no confidence!

Do nothing: Low self-esteem and lack of confidence will cause emotional pain and contribute to an unhealthy marriage or committed relationship.

Often the difference between a victim of abuse and a person that is not abused the the strength of his or her self-esteem.

A person with healthy self-esteem would not tolerate abuse and either fix the broken marriage or exit the relationship.

Living with low self esteem puts you at risk for depression and of others taking a advantage of you.

Many emotional illnesses are rooted in low self-esteem.

Build confidence 

Learn how to build confidence: When you feel strong and empowered you are prepared to be an equal with your partner.

Feeling confident and strong is an inner feeling and it is dependent on having healthy self-esteem. 

Good relationships are build on respect. When your self-esteem is strong you will not accept disrespect and abuse.

When you take the position that "respect" is not negotiable, you will contribute to a healthy, happy and long lasting marriage.

Take me to the marriage builders tools that will help me build strong self-esteem for my personal well-being and to contribute to a healthy marriage or committed relationship.

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Feel powerless!

Do nothing: If you are not assertive you are either aggressive or passive. Both of these character traits put you at risk of relationship breakdown. 

Passive individuals cannot communicate effectively and honestly and cause frustration for both themselves and their partners.

Aggressive individuals ruin their relationships with anger and revenge. 

Living without the skills needed to be assertive is like using an automobile engine without oil. The engine will overheat, seize and stop working. The same is in a marriage or committed relationship lacking healthy assertiveness skills. The relationship will breakdown and come to a halt leaving both partners polarized and lonely.

As well, at the root of most depression and anxiety is a "passive" lifestyle.

 Learn to be assertive

Learn to be assertive: Assertiveness is an essential life skill.

When you are assertive you will have the emotional strength to be a positive contributor to your marriage or committed relationship. 

When you are assertive you can communicate effectively and interact with your partner in a healthy way.

Behaving assertively will reduce the likelihood of anger, anxiety and depression and make you a positive person for your partner to spend time with.

Take me to the marriage builders tools to get the assertiveness training I need to feel good and interact with my husband or wife in a positive why.

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marriage builders, how to fix a broken marriage,  free marriage counseling

Live with tension and stress!

Do nothing: Accepting stress as part of your busy lifestyle will cause you many unpleasant problems. 

When you emote negative energy your partner will find you uncomfortable to be around and if he or she is also tense there will be an increase in anger, negative judgments and unpleasant interactions.

As well, living with chronic tension will adversely effect your mental, emotional and physical health. 

There is nothing good about excessive stress!

 Learn to relax

Learn how to relax: When you are relaxed you are pleasant to be around. When you are tense, others will avoid you... especially your partner.

Knowing how to relax is a skill everyone can learn. 

If you need help learning to let go of stress and how to hold on to peace, tranquility and calmness you have come to the right place. 

With our self-help books for men and women you cal learn simple and basic life-skill that will upgrade the quality of your life and will make your relationship more enjoyable for you and your partner.

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Accept a negative attitude and feelings

Do nothing: Being negative is a definite relationship killer! And negativity also kills all positive self-feelings. 

Without a positive mental attitude life cannot be enjoyed!

Being pessimistic is worse than bad body odor. It will repel all those who want to get close and spend time with you. Even you won't want to spend time with yourself!

If you just live with being a negative person, likely you will find yourself alone and isolated. 

It may be possible you will attract another negative person into your life. However, as you probably know, "two negatives repel." You may hang together but you will both be devoid of fun and happiness.

What do they say... "Misery likes company?" Is being a black hole really the best you can do?

 Optimism — the only way to go

Develop a positive mental attitude: When you see the positives in your life and you anticipate good will happen in the future, automatically you are pleasant to be around.

With a positive outlook you will spread positive vibes to those around you and they will seek your company.

Marriages and committed relationships work when they are pleasant. No one can force you or your partner to spend time together or stay together. The decision to be a functioning couple belongs to the two of you. 

When you are optimistic and upbeat, and your partner is likewise, you will naturally want to spend abundant time together.

Couples time together is the starting point for building a passionate and loving marriage.

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marriage builders, how to fix a broken marriage,  free marriage counseling

Stay miserable and see what happens!

Do nothing: If you just accept being sad, grumpy and unpleasant to be around, the obvious will happen... no one will want to be around you.

Your partner will quit the relationship or at least want to. Simply, no one likes unhappy people. 

Having  a depressed demeanor, unable to laugh or see the humor in life will doom you to a life of loneliness. Sad, yes — but you are not a victim; you have done this to yourself.

Giving in to whatever happens to you and not realizing or caring to make the effort to be happy will probably be the defining characteristic of your life.

From your "unhappiness" everything else will fall into place — the relationship you will have with your husband or wife, your success or failure at work and your personal experience of life.

Even wealthy and privileged individuals can makes themselves miserable... and they do; some even quit life and kill themselves. 

Happiness and sadness is something that transcends material wealth. So just let yourself go... and be unhappy... and see where it takes you!


Learn to be happy: True, some people are naturally happy. And if you are one of those people, you are fortunate and can stop reading. 

For the rest of you, you need to learn how to chose happiness and make "happiness" a habit.

Many people have acquired the happiness habit and upgraded the quality of their life... and so can you.

Research has shown that we are attracted to happy people. 

Who do  people like to go to... a crying baby or a smiling and laughing one? The same is true for adults, no one wants to be around a sad and negative person.

Having a good marriage or committed relationship requires the you and your partner enjoy being with each other. Whether it is shopping together or making love... you must spend quality time together and "happiness" is the glue that keeps both of you coming back for more. 

Keep happiness strong and your relationship will flourish and you will have a passionate marriage to enjoy for many years.

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Accept problems with your children and don't concern yourself with how it affects your marriage

Do nothing:  Bad parenting is one of the worst things anyone can do for many reasons. First and foremost, your children will be injured by this. Next, your marriage or committed relationship will be damaged. And if this isn't enough, likely your children will grow up to be rude and rowdy and cause you problems when they become teens and adults.

Ignoring a parenting problems is like ignoring a 2nd floor toilet that is leaking. Eventually the problem with come and bite you. Bad parenting inevitably leads to huge problems down the road.

But hey... They are your children and you can do what you want!

 Be a good parent

The reason to be a good parent is obvious. Your son or daughter has only one childhood and if you mess it up it can never be recovered. Equally important, is a child's early years are the foundation for his or her adulthood. Being a good parent ensures a good childhood and increases the likelihood of your son or daughter growing into a successful teen and then adult.

Regarding your marriage or committed relationship, they are often destroyed by arguing and fighting over how to parent children. This is a disaster for both parents as well as the children. When you learn how to parent effectively it is good not only for the children but also for your relationship with your partner.

Take me to the marriage builders tools so I can learn how to be the best parent possible.

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marriage builders, how to fix a broken marriage,  free marriage counseling

Keep worrying...

Do nothing: if you let worry and anxiety over take your life, you will become an emotional cripple.

Without the right tools, it is difficult to control worry and anxiety and when your frustration reaches a particular level, which is different for each person, depression will set it in. You will feel helpless and hopeless in solving your problems and imagining a good future.

Naturally, your marriage or committed relationship will suffer. You will find yourself isolated and others will avoid you. People don't like to be around people who only see the "negative side of life."

If worrying and anxiety goes on long enough it can eventually reshape your personality and one day you will discover you are a different person... A person that does not know how to have fun and enjoy life. 

Learn to stop worrying

The majority of worrying serves no purpose. worrying does not solve problems or make you feel better.

worrying does take away any positive feeling you may have about yourself, others and life. In other words, "worrying" is extremely dysfunctional in all ways.

When you worry and feel strong anxieties you do not want to be around others and others do not want to be around you. Worrying is a relationship killer! Worrying kills positive feelings between two people, communication and all types of intimacy.

True, it is human nature to worry however, that does not mean you cannot and should not try to regulate it or even eliminate it.

With the correct effort, many people have learned to reduce their worry, eliminate anxiety and panic attacks and go on to enjoy a relatively care free life. So can you!

Take me to the marriage builders tools so I can learn how to calm my mind and stop worrying.

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Be overweight ... ignore how you look!

Do nothing: I know, how a person appears is a very personal matter and we should not be judged by our appearance. I agree with you and I wish it was this way, but it is not!

So the facts are, whether you like them or not, your partner will be changed by how he or she sees your physique.

If you let yourself go, regardless of yourself explanation, your marriage or committed relationship will take a nosedive.

Being unattractive to your partner will lead to less or no sex which will lead to less or no personal relationship. You will find yourself alone and lonely even though you may be a wonderful person with a great personality.

I agree with you, it sucks! It shouldn't be this way... But it is and we all need to deal with it in the world of reality.

How do you look, and research has demonstrated this in all aspects of our lives, will strongly influence how other people relate to you. This is especially true regarding your husband or wife.

Let yourself go, and you will find yourself lost!

Motivation to lose weight

There are many diets available to help you lose weight. Most of these diets are good! However, there is one missing ingredient... and this is the willpower needed to stick with the particular diet of your choice.

Unable to stick to your diet the results are obvious! You will grow and grow wider and wider.

On the other hand, when you acquire the tools needed to stick to your diet you will become slim and trim and stay that way.

Many relationships have an unspoken problem. It is such a sensitive topic rarely is it raised! Being overweight kills sexual desire — for both the husband and the wife.

A sexless marriage is a marriage of disaster. Romance, love and sex are closely intertwined. Remove one of the three, and likely your marriage will be on the rocks.

On the other hand, being physically healthy and attractive is a great aphrodisiac to ensure that both you and your partner are attracted to each other and you find together many pleasurable moments.

Take me to the marriage builders tools to help me maintain the motivation I need to stick to the diet or eating plan of my choice. 

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emotional abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse

Being emotionally abused

Do nothing:Freedom, dignity, and respect is a human right. If you allow yourself to be emotionally abused, verbally abused, and psychologically abused, all of these rights are stripped away. You become your of abuser's prisoner!

When emotional abuse is allowed to exist over an extended period of time, it will erode your self-esteem, confidence, and you may even begin to believe that you have done something wrong and that this justifies your partner abusing you.

Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse is harmful and inexcusable. In many cases, when it is allowed to continue, it can progress to domestic violence. Sadly, many people lose their lives at the hands of their partner.

Every kind of abuse is to be taken seriously. To allow it to continue is wrong!

Stop emotional abuse

Understanding what is happening to you and being able to identify the fact that you were being abused is the first step to freeing yourself.

You need to understand the truth of your situation — that you are being abused and that it is completely wrong. Once you understand this, you can then design a plan to stop the emotional abuse.

Don't put your head in the sand and pretend it is not happening. To do so Will only allow it to get worse and cause more and more injury. Learn everything you can about abuse so you can for yourself and live with freedom, dignity, and respect.

Take me to the marriage builders tools that will help me stop emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse.

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marriage builder
Emotionally immature and unfit for marriage and a committed relationship

Do nothing: Not everyone has the emotional maturity and good character necessary to succeed in a committed relationship. Typically, people deficient immaturity ruin their marriages and committed relationships.

If you do nothing about this serious relationship defect your relationship will be an unhappy one or likely end in divorce.

Being successful in a relationship requires skills that only mature people have. Don't let your relationship go down the drain because you or your partner lacks emotional maturity and relationship common sense.

Develop emotional maturity and relationship wisdom

Exposed to the right information and the right people it is possible to 'speed up' emotional growth.

One of the unique characteristics of humankind ability to change. This human resource can be used to improve one's relationship IQ and increase the likelihood of a successful marriage and committed relationship.

Personal growth in truth is for everyone. And the more we evolve ourselves, the healthier will be our relationships. 

Take me to the marriage builders tools to help me learn relationship maturity.

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surviving infidelity, cheating husband, cheating wife

Don't deal with the affects of infidelity

Do nothing: Some couples, unfortunately, suffer from relationship injuries caused by infidelity. Trust, security, love with the betraying partner is shattered.

Without specific and consistent efforts to heal from this relationship wound, the negative affects from infidelity will never go away completely.

Like an infection that is allowed to exist under the skin, it will spread to the rest of the body, so too, infidelity untreated is poisonous to a marriage or committed relationship.

Heal completely from infidelity

If your relationship has been hit with infidelity, it is essential that you undergo a rigorous recovery process to regain trust, security, and love.

There are many good resources that you can acquire that will help you rebuild your marriage or committed relationship.

As well, for many couples, it is necessary to hire a skilled and caring relationship specialist to help them on their recovery journey.

Take me to the marriage builders tools so I can fully recovery from the poison of relationship infidelity.

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