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Hi, this is family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

If you, or someone you care about, often loses his or her temper and expresses 'too much anger,' then I have something of great value for you.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to instantly download my FREE Anger Management Awareness Guide that will start you or your loved one on the way to successful anger management.

Anyone using my free anger management tips can eliminate or reduce unwanted and harmful angry outbursts. 

At any moment you may be faced with an annoying situation, an anger test, and you need to know how to stay calm. These anger management tips will show you how.

This FREE Anger Management Awareness Guide is full of practical anger management tips — the techniques, strategies, and calming tools I teach my clients in my clinical therapy practice.

Learn how to deal with anger and stay calm. Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful anger.

The FREE Anger Management Awareness Guide Teaches:

- Learn hpw to deal with anger and protect yourself and your family from injury, and for some couples, prevent marriage breakdown.

- Learn the 'naked truth' about anger problems, why 'coping with anger' is not enough and what the ultimate purpose of anger is.    

- Learn how extreme anger injures everyone exposed to it including the person expressing it!

- Learn how anger takes the 'love' out of your life! And for married couples often leads to a sexless marriage.

- Learn the seven shocking analogies about anger and why it's critical that couples avoid this emotion. 'Controlling anger' is necessary for you to have a loving relationship. 

- Learn simple anger management techniques that you can use at home, work, or in public that effectively stop anger.    

- Learn 'three precise weapons' that you can use to stop anger in its tracks, and how to apply these tools to your unique situation.    

- Learn to recognize the 'first signs' you are becoming angry and what you should do.    

- Learn the nine most dangerous anger moments, and what you can do to stay calm.

Eliminate or reduce anger from your emotional spectrum. Your life and the lives of those you love will be so much better.

In my clinical practice, I have personally witnessed countless wonderful individuals just like you, effectively use anger management tips and strategies to upgrade the quality of their lives... and so can you!

anger management, anger control, extreme angerLiving with extreme anger is like living with an enemy. When anger is present it will ruin everything you to do!

Living without anger will reduce relationship, personal, and workplace stress and improve your life and health in every way. Safe-guard all that you have achieved.

With these FREE Anger Management Tips you can learn how to control your anger. Thousands of good people just like you have already downloaded this free offer and have gone on to improve their lives and future. 

Anger injures in many ways...

- Anger injures you: The stress anger generates can destroy your health.

- Anger injures the target of your anger: He or she is frightened, humiliated, which can lead to return anger, depression, and anxiety.

- Anger ruins your family: Chronic anger is the number one cause of  relationship breakdown.

Learn how to eliminate anger, live a healthier life and protect your relationships from injury.

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One Family's Story

Our family used to have emotional meltdowns.

Typically one person would start yelling or complaining, then in a second someone else would be yelling back. It was terrible. When it happened the entire day was ruined.

We all suffered from from 'anger injuries.' No longer!

We have all learned anger management techniques.

We have learned how to talk calmly about our feelings or what we want, or at least to 'wait' until we are calm before we speak.

We have even been able to teach our kids how important it is to stay calm and respectful.

I can't imagine going back to the way it was before, especially when I think about what anger did to our children — how unhappy they were. Now this is all in the past.

I am grateful we took the time to learn how to deal with anger and how to control ourselves.

Seeing how much anger management has helped our family, I think everyone should learn anger management.

— Sue

Family Therapist Abe Kass, M.A., R.S.W., R.M.F.T ., is a registered Social Worker, registered Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and award-winning educator and writer.

Abe has a busy family therapy practice working with individuals, couples, and their families in Toronto, Canada and internationally using the the phone and Skype. He has been helping individuals just like you for over twenty-five years.

Life is full of anger management tests. With this FREE Anger Management Tips Awareness Guide by marriage and family therapist Abe Kass, you can learn how to stay calm and protect your health and family. Need personal help staying calm? You can contact Abe at 905.771.1087 or