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Anger Issues Test

15 easy to answer questions

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1. Do you shout in anger?
2. When you are upset with your partner, do you make aggressive or derogatory signs with your hands or face?
3. Do you punish your partner by pretending you don't hear when you are spoken to?
4. When you are upset, do you continue to express your disappointment beyond a reasonable amount of time?
5. Are you quick to criticize?
6. Does anger build up within you, then you explode with rage?
7. Do you curse or deliberately insult your partner?
8. Do you threaten with your body or fist that you might hurt your partner?
9. When you are upset with your partner, do you deliberately resist what he or she wants?
10. When angry, do you try to make your partner cry or feel bad?
11. Do you hold a grudge when you are mad?
12. When mad at your partner do you refuse to have sex with your him or her?
13. Do you grab and break things when angry?
14. Do you tease your partner with hostile intent?
15. Does your partner fear you?

Anger Test Score... what it means to you... and what you should do next

Hi, this is couple therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT.

Let's review your, Anger Test Score.

Keeping in mind Your Score, scroll-down until you find the range for your score. Then read what your 'results' mean. 

0-4 points. You are contributing very little anger to your relationship. Make sure it stays that way.

If patterns of anger start to develop, seek self-help or professional help.

5-10 points. You are reporting some anger issues and problems. You and your partner will benefit from reducing your anger.

Doing nothing about your anger problem will likely lead to increased expressions of anger and possible relationship deterioration.

Consider self-help or professional help to reduce the anger and build a healthy relationship for the future.

11-17 points. You are manifesting destructive anger. Your relationships are at risk of breaking down.

I recommend that you consider self-help and professional help to learn how to manage your anger.

18-and more points. Your anger is causing very real problems in your valued relationships. Likely loved ones fear and resent you.

Get self-help and professional anger management help NOW. Otherwise, your relationships will likely breakdown entirely.

Your partner will either leave you or is considering doing so, which will lead to an emotional divorce or an actual one.

Your situation may become so bad and so chronic that your relationship may not even be able to recover from the anger trauma you are causing.

You need to take emergency action now before it is too late!


The following are anger management books I have written for those of you who are challenged by anger and want to learn how to be calm in all situations.

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Next steps to manage your anger issues

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