Anger is the Leading Cause of Relationship Breakdown

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Evaluate if you have anger issues

1. Do you shout in anger?
2. When you are upset with your partner, do you make aggressive or derogatory signs with your hands or face?
3. Do you punish your partner by pretending you don't hear when you are spoken to?
4. When you are upset, do you continue to express your disappointment beyond a reasonable amount of time?
5. Are you quick to criticize?
6. Does anger build up within you, then you explode with rage?
7. Do you curse or deliberately insult your partner?
8. Do you threaten with your body or fist that you might hurt your partner?
9. When you are upset with your partner, do you deliberately resist what he or she wants?
10. When angry, do you try to make your partner cry or feel bad?
11. Do you hold a grudge when you are mad?
12. When mad at your partner, do you refuse to have sex with your him or her?
13. Do you grab and break things when angry?
14. Does your partner fear you?

Anger Management Test Score... what it means to you... and what you should do next to reduce or eliminate your anger issues:

Each point you got on your Anger Management Test represents an example of a situation where you get angry.

Anger issues are harmful, and every effort should be made to eliminated them.

Those who succeed in learning anger management apply the same determination and consistency as when learning any important subject such as how to ski, how to fly an airplane, or how to use a new computer program.

Mastering anger management requires daily determination and effort.

Your Total Points:

0 points. You have an anger-free relationship. Congratulations.


You are fortunate! You have learned how to control your negative emotions. Loved ones are comfortable and safe around you.


1 - 3 points. Anger is present in your relationship.


You can definitely benefit from anger management training.

If you don't take care of your anger problem, your relationship may deteriorate and you will find yourself resented, feared, and unwanted.

Even though your score is relatively low, even a small amount of anger can be very harmful.

More than 3 points. Destructive anger is present in your relationship. The more points you received over '3 points,' the more destructive your anger is and the greater the risk is to your valued relationships.


You need anger management training to stop your intense expressions of anger as soon as possible.

Depending on your situation, you may or may not be able to reverse the relationship injury that you have already caused. However, you certainly can make sure that you cease from additional hurt and injury to your family members.

Anger is the #1 cause of family breakdown. The sooner you learn how to stop anger and stay calm, the more certain you can be that you and your family are safe!

Note: If there is violence in your relationship, this goes beyond what this Anger Management Test measures and advises you to do next. If there is violence in your relationship, you need to get outside help immediately. Learn about what to do if there is violence in your relationship.


You have completed your Anger Management Test. Do this next...

Your score shows low levels of anger:

If your scour shows mild anger in your relationship, it is recommended that you Work on reducing your anger using the following FREE resources.

See our educational Anger Management Infographic

Watch our Anger Control Video

Get your FREE 26 page pdf Anger Management Guide:

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You score shows moderate to high levels of anger:

If your score determines that you have destructive anger, in addition to the above resources, I highly recommend you get one or both of my anger management books. They are 'powerful and complete solutions' to reduce or eliminate anger. They are inexpensive and you can download them immediately to your device.

Anger Management Workbook

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