Anger is the Leading Cause of Divorce — learn to control your anger!

The Complete Anger Management Workbook With Easy To Do Exercises

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Anger Management Workbook —
Learn how to control anger and transform conflict into
Dignity, Harmony and Love with anger management worksheets
by relationship specialist Abe Kass

There are many convoluted and wordy anger management books in the marketplace! There is "only one" that is simple, easy to use, and gets straight to the point — Anger Management Workbook with anger management worksheets by marriage and family therapist Abe Kass.

The primary cause of relationship breakdown is not arguments about money, bad sex, infidelity or communication. No — the greatest cause of relationship breakdown is chronic expressions of anger.

However, chronic and extreme anger CAN lead to arguments about money, bad sex, infidelity or communication — and ruin your most valuable asset, your marriage or committed relationship.

Sadly, many individuals do not even know when they are angry. Like high blood pressure, chronic and extreme anger can be a 'silent killer.'

Anger Management Workbook with anger management worksheets by marriage and family therapist Abe Kass will help you identify all expressions of anger and guide you in how to stop or greatly reduce your anger.

Many otherwise wonderful and healthy families are destroyed because one of the partners lacks anger management skills.

Many innocent children are deprived of an involved mother or father because there is no anger management by one or both parent(s) that then leads to their separating.

Don't let your family be victimized by destructive anger!

Protect your marriage or committed relationship from anger and improve your health. Learn how to stay calm using  the Anger Management Workbook with anger management worksheets by Marriage and Family Therapist Abe Kass.

Join the ranks of the countless numbers of couples who have learned anger management techniques using this easy to use anger management workbook.

This one-of-a-kind anger management self-help workbook will fundamentally change the way you and other family members interact with each other.

This best self-help book for men and women is designed with the best of psychology, education and hypnosis. It has many innovative learning strategies build into the lessons.

For best results, use this best self-help book for about 8-minutes-a-day for about three-weeks.*If you finish this book before three weeks, reread the sections of the book that were most relevant to you.

This best self-help book tackles extreme anger and can help individuals living in an  emotionally abusive relationship.

The facts about destructive and extreme anger revealed in this anger management workbook have been tested and proven to be true time and time again by the author working with couples and individuals in his busy family therapy practice. The skills and techniques taught prevent, and for some reverse the damage caused by, marital conflict and relationship breakdown.

This Anger Management Workbook with anger management worksheets helps you understand what is really causing your anger and how to address those issues in a healthy and functional way. Learn practical techniques to free yourself from anger and increase peace and harmony in your home. It is clearly one of the best self-help books for men and women available on the market place.

Download this Anger Management Workbook, one of the best self-help books for women and men, from Amazon:

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Reviews of Stop Anger Workbook:

Stop Anger and Understand Anger

There's more to this book than just learning to stop anger - it helps you recognise the triggers and understand the turning point from irritation to anger. If you want a good guide and work book that helps, and is concise and succinct - then this is for you. - S. Davies

 This Book is Extremely Helpful

If you are one of the people who find their frequent anger is negatively affecting your relationships or personal well being then you have got to check out this book. With this guide you will be able to keep calm throughout the day and lead a more satisfying life. It contains helpful information on the different kinds of anger, how it affects relationships, and teaches numerous different ways to stop it. All of the strategies to deal with your anger are explained in a practical and easy to remember way. If you follow the advice given in this book you are sure to live a calmer, better life. - J Hollister

 A very thoughtful and well written book

I picked this book up in hope that it would shed some light on the subject of dealing with Anger issues. I have a few people in my life that suffer from being unable to handle their anger. For them, it usually ends up in a most distressing manner for them and for those around them. While reading this book, the first thing to jump out at me was the level of commitment and genuine concern that Abe Kass has in truly wanting to help people with this issue. His compassion shows through every lesson in the book. I deeply respect the way that there is no judgment in the book. By suspending judgment, there is no reason for anyone to become defensive. There is only the desire to help.

I really like the way that Abe Kass has been able to break down this subject into digestible chunks in the lessons. Not only are the lessons easy to managed but I love the way Abe illustrates by example of what the different types of anger are. And within these examples, Abe creates a sense of empathy by showing the effects on others when a person lashes out in anger. With these simple to follow lessons, Abe is building a foundation for success so you will want to continue to follow through with the lessons. There is a consistent reinforcement throughout the lessons that help build that success if someone is ready to overcome such a destructive behavior.

I know I will put this up there with the books I use on a regular basis in dealing with people. I know by just reading this book, I am now empowered with the skills to help and deal with people suffering from anger management issues. Thank You Mr. Abe Kass for such an informative, easy to follow, and well written book, I know this will go far in helping people. - Dennis Waller

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