Anger is the Weapon of an Emotional Abuser

Are You An  Emotional Abuser? Is Your Partner an Emotional Abuser? Learn how to stop hurting the people you love

Anger is the weapon of the emotional abuser!  Protect your valued marriage or committed relationship with this easy to use anger management audio book. It comes with Abe's STAMP OF APPROVAL as a highly recommended book.

a healthy, happy, and long-lasting marriage or committed relationship

Anger fuels emotional abuse. Stop anger — stop emotional abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, and domestic violence! YES, it's that simple!

Get the anger management book that has already helped thousands of good people learn how to stop anger and build positive connections with others.

You only need to work on this for about 8-minutes-a-day for about three weeks and you can learn to greatly reduce your stress and protect and enhance your valued relationships.

Love and anger don't mix. If you abuse with anger, you will be feared — not loved.

I have met in my clinical practice hundreds of people who really want the best for their families; but end up ruining their families with abuse.

Many abusers are divorced by their partners. And even when the abuser pledges to mend his or her abusive behavior it is too late — their partners don't believe them. Don't let this happen to you!

This is YOUR opportunity break your pattern of abusive behavior. Don't be an abuser! Don't lose your family!

anger management, a healthy, happy, and long-lasting marriage or committed relationshipAnger Control Audiobook
Learn how to control your anger and don't let it control you
by Abe Kass

Hi, this is family therapist Abe Kass,

I have designed an audio anger management book that will teach you how to stop expressions of extreme anger and prevent emotionally abusive relationships using self-awareness and self-control. 

This self-help audio book uses techniques from psychology, education and hypnosis. It has many innovative learning technologies build into each lessons. 

Typically, good people unintentionally create abusive relationships. They don't mean to, but abusive relationships evolve out of chronic expressions of extreme anger which then leads to fear and loss of control for the individuals targeted by the anger outbursts. 

Abuse cannot be solved by taking pills, pep talks from others, prayer, or good luck. Only YOU can stop abusive anger.

This simple and easy to use audio book, Anger Control  —  Learn How to Control Anger and Don't Let it Control You will teach you how to stay calm, and you will never have to worry that you will be accused of being an "abuser."

Protect yourself and your family — learn anger management now!

Anger Control  —  Learn How to Control Anger and Don't Let it Control You is an amazing, best in its class of self-help books, simple, easy to use and takes only 8-minutes a day of learning for about three weeks (this is an average length of time for most people).

Here are the outstanding features in this unique audio anger management book:

  • Convenient. You are active and busy. This is precisely why I have designed an anger management book that only requires 8-minutes-day. This is different than other anger management books that require university type study!
  • Private. Solve your anger problems privately without involving others (counseling services, teachers or doctors). With Anger Control —  Learn How to Control Anger and Don't Let it Control You self-help course your problem and the solution remains confidential!
  • Full Mind Learning. Scientists know intellectual, logical, and analytical learning uses the "left/conscious" side of the brain, and emotional, imaginative, and creative learning uses the "right/subconscious" side of the brain. This anger management book engages both sides of the mind for optimal learning, making anger control easy and long-lasting. This is unlike other best self-help anger management books that just preach and lecture.
  • Targets A Specific Problem. There is no need for you to listen to a lengthy collection of self-improvement audio programs or read a wordy book or two, and then try to extract from it the 5% or 10% that is relevant. This anger management book targets a specific problem and provides a specific solution. Most other anger management books are over the top with useless information.
  • Practical Skills. Theory is nice, but change will not happen without action. Plain and simple — you need to know what to do, and that is what my skill building component teaches. You will master the behavior that leads to self-control and a calm, anger-free life — a life free of extreme anger and an emotionally abusive relationship.

This is what you will get in this amazing audio anger management book:

  • Introduction. This track teaches how to use this anger management book.
  • Intellectual Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson teaches the "intellectual" or conscious mind the basic principles and life-skills needed to become anger-free.
  • Emotional Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson uses the "emotional" or subconscious mind to support calm and anger-free behavior.
  • Deep Relaxation (about 30 minutes). This is an optional lesson that gently leads you on a personal inner journey using the power of your imagination to achieve anger control. 

This anger management audio book is one of the best self-help books for men and women that are serious about getting control over their emotions, preventing emotional abuse, verbal abuse, domestic violence, and psychological abuse.

Learn how to live a peaceful and healthy life. Do it for yourself and do it for your family.

Listen to a short clip of this best self-help anger management book: 

CAUTION: This anger management book won't entertain — but it WILL HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR ANGER AND STAY CALM. This program uses repetition to LEARN THE SKILLS NEEDED TO ELIMINATE ANGER." DON'T BUY if you are looking for an old-fashioned  — psychobabble  approach.

Lasting positive changes are possible using our advanced educational technologies. Learn in the privacy and convenience of your home, office, or car. In many cases, this anger management book can be an effective alternative to traditional office anger management therapy  —  and at a fraction of the cost!

Purchase now this amazingly simple and easy to use audio anger management best self-help book for men and women. Get the MP3 or CD version:

  MP3 version:   

anger management workbook, anger management worksheets

CD version:   

anger management worksheets, anger management workbooks

Spanish MP3 version:  

anger management workbook, anger management worksheets, anger management spanish

Reviews of Anger Control — Learn How to Control Anger and Don't Let it Control You:

“This program can save your life. I am a social worker assisting individuals who have problems in managing their anger. I have tried to find practical guides to help my clients overcome their anger problems and found Anger Control by Abe Kass as the best guide in the market today. The Program is so good that I have recommended it to my colleagues and use it myself every day to remain calm. A great investment for yourself.” -Jose

"Simplicity must be the ticket. There are basic concepts presented in this program that are easily grasped and get right to the core of it. They are not the concepts I had earlier heard which did little to assist.” - Benjamin 

"I found this audio very useful and easy to listen to. I acquired from the internet information about the research behind it, and found it helpful for me to fully understand the methods behind the program. I now find myself changing some of myself defeating habits and thinking patterns without effort. One of the many helpful ideas from the audio is that positive thoughts and thinking is not necessary automatic but a little effort can initiate subtle and powerful change. I would recommend this type of program to anyone." -B.D. 

"I have been listening to your Anger Control CD now for about a week. If I would have listened to this a year ago I would have avoided alienating my wife and eventually ending up separated. It’s a great CD. Do you have other ones that can help me reconcile with my wife?" -T.E.

"With this program Anger Control, within two weeks my family is awed at my newfound calm. My closest relationships have entered a new dimension. I urge you to try this program if you are prone to outbursts over calm in some situations, as I was." -P.Y. 

"I only needed to listen to your Anger Control CD for five days, and I am no longer getting angry. It made a big difference. At this time, I don’t even feel I need to listen to the program anymore. I have already achieved my goal of learning how to stay calm." -S.D.

"I listened to your Anger Control CD and now I am calm for the first time in years. Even my wife agrees that I am a different person. I no longer raise my voice and demand things from her or the kids. It’s a great program. You should sell it everywhere." -C.Y.

"My wife listened to your Anger Control CD and I immediately started to notice a difference. Around the kids I could see she was struggling within herself to stay calm." -B.A. 

"I have learned to control my anger using your Anger Control program for the first time in years, my husband is starting to cooperate with me. Instead of resisting, he is actually helping me. He just says I am being nicer. Biting my tongue and staying calm is sure worth it! For the first time in years I feel that my husband and I are a team. Even the kids notice. They are so much more relaxed." -J.C. 

"My husband got the Anger Control CD, but I have been listening to it more than him. Since starting to listen to it three weeks ago, neither of us has had an anger outburst! It is actually funny, we go around joking with each other saying, “anger is poison.” We are really getting along great." -H. O. 

"After listening to your Anger Control CD for about a week I completely turned around the way I’m working with my employees. I used to scream and yell at them when I felt they weren’t doing their jobs properly. Today, when I saw the driver was moving slowly, instead of getting angry, raising my voice, and embarrassing him, and frustrating myself I just went into my office closed the door and stayed calm. When I saw my secretary speaking with customers in a way that I did not consider appropriate, instead of chastising her I just walked the other way rather than getting angry and upset and making her feel bad. I have a whole new way of looking at my employees now. I expect it is going to be much more comfortable for everyone, and in the end my business will improve. Thank you so much." -M.F. 

"I have had serous anger problems since childhood. My father was an angry man. I have listened to your Anger Control CD for a few days and I can’t believe the improvement. My wife and children are shocked. No more angry outbursts. They are still cautious, but I know the improvement is permanent." -M.C. 

"Your Anger Control CD has taught me how to keep my mouth closed when I am angry. I am greatly relieved I can do it. Thanks." -T.D.

* Please note: 8-minutes-a-day for 3-weeks is required for typical problems. Some individuals need to use this best self-help book for a longer period of time or require occasional reviews. Also, some individuals may require specific treatments not provided by this book. Since every person's situation is unique, results cannot be guaranteed.