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Why was my dad angry? Could my mother have done anything to calm him down?

Posted by Abe Kass on Thu, Sep 7, 2017 @ 16:09 PM

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Growing up as a child my father was often angry. Like most angry people, I think most of his anger was generated from within himself.

Even though my father was successful by many measures, he was far from content. He was a lawyer, a successful businessman, had a big house in an exclusive neighborhood, and had all the money he needed. He had a wife and four lovely children. What more could any man want?

Reflecting back on what I remember as a child returns uncomfortable memories. However, I am smart enough to understand that what I recall and any conclusions that these recollections lead to are likely incomplete and distorted.

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Anger management tips: "Anger Tests" are Everywhere!

Posted by Abe Kass on Wed, Jan 18, 2017 @ 16:01 PM

Get free anger management tips to stay cool even when someone lights your fire!

Ruining your life is easier than you think unless you understand what anger is and how much it destroys... Keep reading.

Do you get angry? Of course you do... But what happens next is what is most important? Only you know if you "pass the anger test or not!"

Let's learn about anger

Anger is harmful to three categories of individuals. Anger injures the person expressing it, the person it is directed at, and anyone present while it is expressed. Yes, there are rare exceptions when anger may be useful. However, you will likely never encounter such a situation during your lifetime. Thus, from day to day you will be given many anger tests. You score high on you anger test when you stay calm; you fail your anger test when becoming angry.

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Anger management techniques: Take the Test for "Secret Anger"

Posted by Abe Kass on Tue, Dec 2, 2014 @ 08:12 AM

When you are angry — it's not what you think it is! Anger is a secondary feeling. When angry, search within yourself for what is really bothering you.

Do you feel ignored, abandoned or misunderstood, etc.? Knowing what the real problem is will help you take appropriate actions to solve it.

One of the most useful anger management techniques is being able to see behind the curtain of anger and pinpoint what is actually bothering you.

Take the anger management test for hidden / "secret" anger.

If you can easily answer the following questions, you are good at figuring out what is behind your anger:

-The last time you expressed anger, what was happening just before you were triggered; what you were thinking / feeling. Here are some hints:
-You felt disrespected?
-You felt unloved?
-You felt you were misunderstood?
-You felt you were unappreciated?
-You felt something else (fill in what it was) _____?

Now put it all together. Repeat the following filling in the blanks: "When I was angry, it was because _____ (the name of a person) _____ did _____ (what he or she did) ______ and I felt _____ (put in the feeling) _____.

This anger management test will sensitize you to the thoughts and feelings behind the anger. If you can't do it, I suggest you buy an anger management course or find a therapist to help you learn anger management techniques on how to deal with anger.

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Anger management quiz: The connection between anger and self-esteem?

Posted by Abe Kass on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 08:11 AM

The answer to your anger management quiz is simple: Anger and self-esteem are directly connected. You may not have thought about it until now, but let me explain.

When you become angry in the moment, it feels like the right thing to do. But afterward, if you're like most people, you feel shame, embarrassment and regret.

Venting your anger in many ways is like getting drunk. Besides impairing you're thinking, once you're finished with the "anger high," you're left with a hangover — you feel terrible!

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After the anger drifts off, and you consider what has just happened, you feel humiliated, embarrassed, and ashamed. Having negative self-feelings like these will slowly chip away at your self-esteem. There are few emotions that we are as bothered by as shame — it is a powerful body-blow to our self-esteem.

As if this "anger hangover" was not enough, it has a ripple effect meaning that people think poorly about the person who got angry and in work settings they are often demoted or even fired. Within families, angry people are feared and resented. All of the after effects of anger explosions lead to self-doubt, rejection, and isolation.

Simply, people who get angry frequently swim in a sea of negative emotions. This is a self-esteem wipe-out, just as a tsunami is an environmental disaster.

Staying calm and in control will have the opposite effect. It will allow you to feel good about yourself and build your self-esteem. For those of you who already have low self-esteem, staying calm, using your anger management techniques, and not responding with anger to what goes on around you is a wonderful way to build self-esteem.

When you're calm and in control, you feel good. Feeling good about yourself is the fertile ground upon which healthy self-esteem grows.

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