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How to deal with anger: Danger! Anger Causes Injury

Posted by Abe Kass on Wed, Nov 5, 2014 @ 08:11 AM

"A moment’s thoughtless anger outburst can change a person’s life," — I remind myself of this fact when someone hurts my feelings or disappoints me. I am tempted to lash-out with anger... but immediately the thought comes to my mind that if I "let go" with my tongue the damage I do will be incredibly difficult to undo. Should I hurt the feelings of a loved one, they may resent me for months. I quickly calculate in my mind the "price I pay" for the moment of satisfaction that comes from an anger outburst is far too high! I am not willing to pay it. So... I bite my tongue and remain peaceful.

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What I can't calculate is what happens should I express anger and then the "other person" in-turn becomes angry with me.

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Extreme Anger In Marriage: They ____ their children!

Posted by Abe Kass on Mon, Sep 29, 2014 @ 08:09 AM

Exterme anger is like fire. And like fire you need to contain it. Otherwise, family members — including your children — can get burned!

I meet so many married couples that, unfortunately, have many anger outbursts and fights in the presence of their children. They know it is wrong and to even agree amongst themselves that they will never do it, but sadly it continues.

Extreme anger in marriage is a serious problem for many couples, especially when there are children, including teens. It is so painful and wrong that the children themselves often try to get their parents to stop.

Couples I am working with tell me that their children intervene to stop the arguing and fighting. They challenge their father, "don't make mommy cry," and they challenge their mother, "be nice to daddy!"

How sad children feel the need to police their parents!

Fighting in the presence of children and teens inflicts upon them emotional injuries. Children lose their sense of security, it erodes their self-esteem, and they become fearful.

Do you do this to your children? If so, you must stop. Not "should," but MUST. Stop and read my free anger management tips online.

Extreme anger is like fire. Yes, fire is nice when you keep it a fireplace. It's nice to look at and enjoy its warmth. However, if it exists anywhere else it will lead to tragic disasters, so too for out-of-control-anger, it injures all exposed to it — especially sensitive and vulnerable children.

Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine a warm and glowing fire in the fireplace. It's beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Anywhere else it can lead to destruction of the home and even perhaps death to its inhabitants. You must keep anger controlled, or there will be emotional destruction!

The Takeaway: Never have anger outbursts or extreme anger in front of your children. 

If you have a hard time achieving this then get help. There are effective online anger management classes, free anger management tips and anger books, including my own anger management audio book available on Amazon for easy downloading or if your prefer, contact a professional anger management specialist that can teach you how to control anger outbursts and stay calm.

Checkout my anger book: and get free anger management tips.

Raise your children in love and peace! Contribute to their wellbeing and not the opposite! Every child deserves the best.

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Free Anger Management Tips: Cut the legs off of angry feelings!

Posted by Abe Kass on Fri, Sep 19, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

Uncover your underlying feelings when you are angry — before you express any anger — and thereby eliminate your feelings of extreme anger.

Often, anger is a secondary feeling. When angry, search within yourself for what is really bothering you. Do you feel ignored, unloved,  abandoned or misunderstood, etc.? Knowing what the real problem is will help you take appropriate actions to solve your problems and stop anger from being expressed.

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Anger management tips: The War Of Hidden Anger

Posted by Abe Kass on Fri, Aug 1, 2014 @ 19:08 PM

Sorry for the blunt words: The intent of extreme anger is to hurt the person you are upset with. Accepting this is one of the anger management first steps.

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Anger for some is rooted in depression!

Posted by Abe Kass on Sun, May 11, 2014 @ 11:05 AM

The stress that leads to depression can come from many sources. Relationship conflict, loneliness, harmful thought patterns, and an unhealthy lifestyle can all account for the majority of depressive feelings experienced by many.

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