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Why was my dad angry? Could my mother have done anything to calm him down?

Posted by Abe Kass on Thu, Sep 7, 2017 @ 16:09 PM

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Growing up as a child my father was often angry. Like most angry people, I think most of his anger was generated from within himself.

Even though my father was successful by many measures, he was far from content. He was a lawyer, a successful businessman, had a big house in an exclusive neighborhood, and had all the money he needed. He had a wife and four lovely children. What more could any man want?

Anger management books, anger management test

Reflecting back on what I remember as a child returns uncomfortable memories. However, I am smart enough to understand that what I recall and any conclusions that these recollections lead to are likely incomplete and distorted.

My parents did not treat each other well. Sadly, their marriage was like the marriage of so many other people. I do not fully know how my mother treated my father. However, had she had available the right information and had she acted on that knowledge she could have done a lot to help my father feel more settled and valued as a husband and human being. And certainly, this would have reduced a portion of his anger.

At the same time, it is necessary to assert that each of us is responsible for being calm or being angry. We have no legitimate right to blame somebody else for how we respond in any given situation. Still, at the same time, others can make an effort to “stay calm” easier for us. And if you are in a committed relationship as I am, I hope your partner does what he or she can so the test to stay calm is an easy one to pass.

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If you are a woman here is what you can do for your man, so he is less likely to become angry: Men require a feeling of being valued, and once they feel that way, they are now in a position to be their female partner’s hero. Being a “hero” is what every man wants.

Every man wants to feel he is a knight in shining armor and that he has the power to rescue the damsel in distress. If you are a woman, I encourage you to contribute to your marriage and let your husband rescue you now and then. Not because you need “rescuing,” but because your man needs to rescue you.

If you are in a committed relationship with a man, I highly recommend that you get my latest book title, How To Make A Man Happy.

How To Make A Man Happy describe exactly what a man needs to feel secure and positive about his relationship with his woman. And when a man feels this way, it brings out the best in him.

When a man feels secure in his relationship with this woman, he will be more committed, loving, and pleasant to be around.

You have very little control regarding what goes on in the world. However, you have a great deal of control regarding what your home is like — will your home be calm, respectful, and cooperative or will it be full of bickering, anger, and disrespect.

Your home is a "small world" — try to make it as much of an oasis as possible.

Anger management books, anger management testI am dedicated to giving you the operation manual needed so that your family can be healthy, loving, and long-lasting. This book, How To Make A Man Happy is one important chapter in this how to make a happy family-life manual.

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