Don't Let Worry Make Your Relationship Toxic!


Anxiety and Worry are a Personal and a Relationship Burden. Learn how to reduce or eliminate this negative emotion

This is a best self-help books for Committed Relationship and Marriage Builders who want to feel better about themselves and be pleasant for their partners to be around. This self-help book gets Abe's STAMP OF APPROVAL as a recommended book to enhance any relationship where anxiety and worry are a problem.

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Peace of Mind Audiobook
Eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life
by Abe Kass

Hi, this is marriage and family therapist Abe Kass.

I have written one of the best self-help books for men and women looking to reduce their worry, fear, anxiety and panic.

This best self-help book is designed with the best of psychology, education and hypnosis. It has many innovative learning technologies build into the lessons. For best results, use this best self-help book for about 8-minutes-a-day for about three-weeks.*

Here are some of the outstanding features in this outstanding anxiety busting self-help book Peace of Mind  — eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life :

  • Convenient. You are active and busy. This is precisely why I have designed an anxiety busting self-help book that only requires 8-minutes-day for about three weeks. Unlike many other self-help books,  Peace of Mind — eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life can be learned where and when you want — it's like having a portable teacher.

  • Private. Solve your problems privately without involving others (counseling services, teachers or doctors). Using Peace of Mind — eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life self-help book your problem and the solution remains confidential! 

  • Full Mind Learning. Scientists know intellectual, logical, and analytical learning uses the "left/conscious" side of the brain, and emotional, imaginative, and creative learning uses the "right/subconscious" side of the brain. This self-help audio book engages both sides of the mind for optimal learning, making anxiety control effective and long-lasting. This is a very different approach than many other self-help books on the market today that just preach to your intellectual mind and don't involve your emotions!

  • Targets A Specific Problem. There is no need for you to listen to a lengthy collection of self-improvement audio programs or read a wordy book or two and then try to extract from it the 5% or 10% that is relevant. This anxiety eliminating self-help book targets a specific problem and provides a specific solution. The targeted solutions in this anxiety stopping book makes it one of the best self-help books for men and women looking to improve their emotional health.

  • Practical Skills. Theory is nice, but change will not happen without action. Plain and simple — you need to know what to do to stop anxiety.

  • Peace of Mind — eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life self-help book gives you the practical skills needed to get calm and stay that way. 

This is what you will get in this amazing anxiety busting audiobook:

  • Introduction. This track teaches how to use this audio book. 

  • Intellectual Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson teaches the "intellectual" or conscious mind the basic principles and life-skills needed to stop worrying and enjoy your life. 

  • Emotional Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson uses the "emotional" or subconscious mind to support calm and worry free behavior. 

  • Deep Relaxation (about 27 minutes). This is an optional lesson that gently leads you on a personal inner journey using the power of your imagination to achieve a relaxed state of mind. 

Peace of Mind
 — eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life is one of best self-help books for men and women looking for healthy and natural solutions for anxiety, fear, and panic. 

Listen to a short clip of this best self-help book for reducing anxiety and panic:


CAUTION: This audio book is one of the  best self-help books on the market. However, it won't entertain — but it WILL HELP YOU REDUCE OR ELIMINATE ANXIETY. This program uses 'repetition' to LEARN THE SKILLS NEEDED TO ELIMINATE WORRY. DON'T BUY if you are looking for an old-fashioned — psychobabble    approach.

Lasting positive changes are possible using our advanced self-help educational technologies. Learn in the privacy and convenience of your home, office, or car. In many cases this program can be an effective alternative to traditional office therapy  —  and at a fraction of the cost!

Purchase now this amazingly simple and easy to use audio anxiety relief best self-help book for men and women. Get the MP3 or CD version: 

MP3 version:

Anxiety relief, panic relief

CD version:

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Reviews of Peace of Mind  — eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life :

"Great program. I have been listening to the CD for two weeks already, and I can testify that it works. Slowly but surely my previous sulky mood is receding. I now find myself smiling with greater frequency. Thanks to this program my outlook on life has been transformed for the better. I will certainly consider purchasing more titles from this author." - Crendal

"Simplicity must be the ticket. There are basic concepts presented in this program that are easily grasped and get right to the core of it. They are not the concepts I had earlier heard which did little to assist.” -Benjamin 

"It was a great book. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. It has helped me to think more positive." -Mellisa

"I found this audio very useful and easy to listen to. I acquired from the internet information about the research behind it, and found it helpful for me to fully understand the methods behind the program. I now find myself changing some of myself defeating habits and thinking patterns without effort. One of the many helpful ideas from the audio is that positive thoughts and thinking is not necessary automatic but a little effort can initiate subtle and powerful change. I would recommend this type of program to anyone." -B.D.

"Hi Many years ago I bought some self-help cds from you on ebay they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!! do you still sell them?" - Y. T.

* Please note: 8-minutes-a-day for 3-weeks is required for typical problems. Some individuals need to use this best self-help book for a longer period of time or require occasional reviews. Also, some individuals may require specific treatments not provided by this book. Since every person's situation is unique, results cannot be guaranteed.