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Mind Games!

Self-help mental health services: YOUR MIND IS NOT ALWAYS YOUR BEST FRIEND

If you are as I am, and most of the rest of the world as well, when something bad happens you exaggerate the negative making it seem far worse than it really is. Using the power of your creative imagination, you elaborate on that event or anticipated event to the point where it becomes irrational thinking.

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Ways to improve self-esteem: How to protect your self-esteem from success

Be your best: 3-Keys to success in about 3-Minutes Video


Ways to improve self-esteem: How to protect your self-esteem from success

People who are successful often suffer from low self-esteem.

The reason for this is simple: These successful people connect their success with their self-worth.

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Vaughan counselling: How To Be Happy in a Sad World:

Self-help for circumstantial depression: Happiness is a birthright. Even more than that… being happy is the only SANE way to be!

When happy, it directly reflects your gratitude and appreciation for all that you have.

Your sense may be that you are deficient in certain areas of your life—this being the source of your discontentand therefore "being happy" makes no sense. If this is true for you, this goes to the core of the matter as to why happiness is challenging, and you are vulnerable to circumstantial depression while others experiencing the same events as you find being happy easy!

Human nature is always to want more than what we currently have. Even in our moments of joy, they are tempered with sadness over that which we want and do not have. And this is the cause ofcircumstantial depression.

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Vauhan Counselling: Justice or tyranny — what kind of family do you have?

Justice or tyranny — what kind of family do you have?

It is said you can tell a person by the friends s/he has. Those people we choose to associate with should enhance our lives and not the opposite. We can't choose family, and we are obligated to commit to them. However, we CAN pick our friends, neighbors and business associates.

Not so long ago, Native Americans of the USA and First Nation peoples of Canada were treated horribly by the newcomers to North America. The native people of the North American land were discriminated against, had their land stolen and they were pushed to the desolate areas, their culture was attacked, children were removed from good families to be transformed against their will into "good citizens" of the state. Yes, when we reflect on these atrocities we are appalled — all of us without exception!

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Marriage Counselling Thornhill: She couldn't have sex!

Marriage Counselling Thornhill: She couldn't have sex with her husband... she was haunted by the past!

Samantha was confused. She explained to me that she felt at a loss over how to live her life. She was an accountant, achieving a great deal of professional success. But she couldn’t get a handle on her personal life. She felt she was "failing" at life. 

As a marriage and family therapist at Marriage Counselling Thornhill, I often hear stories like this. Individuals feel overwhelmed by life and do know what to do next. 

Being a therapist is often like being a detective. So I probed further. I asked Samantha additional questions.

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Self-help: Let assertive behavior be guided by moral behavior

Self-help: Good character goes together with assertive behavior.

Assertive behavior is a powerful skill to help a person succeed in life. Without assertive behavior, a person is prone to depression, anxiety and lack of success. However, assertive behavior must be guided by ethics and morals, so the goal achieved is healthy and sustainable.

Twenty-year-old Raymond wanted to get into a nightclub that served alcohol. However, he wasn't old enough to be admitted. He knew of a website that for a few dollars would produce for its customers "fake" IDs. 

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Self-help for the elderly: Prevent Circumstantial Depression

Self-help: Prevent circumstantial depression in the elderly.

Circumstantial depression occurs when a person feels hopeless and helpless and can afflict an individuals at any age.

If we live that long, we will notice life reverses itself. We go from childhood dependency to independent adulthood and back to dependency as an aged elder. 

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What can a marriage therapy Vaughan couple learn from a surfer!

Marriage therapy Vaughan: What can you learn from a surfer?

A couple came to my marriage therapy Vaughan clinic. They were upset and fighting over money. Sadly, both had lost their jobs at the same time, and now the were experiencing severe financial difficulties.

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Thornhill marriage therapy: Relationship Expectations

This is a true story from my Thornhill marriage therapy clinic. Minor details have been changed to protect confidentiality

Life is full of happiness and opportunities, but it also comes with disappointments and limitations. This reality cannot be escaped. But what you can control is how you react to your disappointments.

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Marriage Counselling Vaughan: Desperate! My husband is a baby…

This story is fictional and includes a composite of factual snippets that occurred in my marriage counseling Vaughan office.

Marriage Counselling Vaughan

I met Marilyn in my office. She was a middle-aged woman dressed casually, articulate and intelligent. 

Marilyn had met her husband Eric five years ago. She had wanted to marry for a long time, but had never found the right guy until she was already in her forties.

Her future husband was charming, and she fell in love. 

After dating for three months they married.

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