Depression Makes a Relationship Toxic

Circumstantial Depression is a Relationship Downer and it is Best Treated Using Natural Means — Use your mind as an effective anti-depressant!


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Defeat Depression Audiobook
Develop a personalized antidepressant strategy 
by Abe Kass

Hi, this is family therapist Abe Kass.

I have designed a depression defeating audio self-help book that will teach you how push sadness away and welcome contentment and happiness into your life! Defeat Depression  —  develop a personalized antidepressant strategy is one of the best self-help books for women and men looking for a natural skill-based approach to overcoming circumstantial depression.

Defeat Depression  —  develop a personalized antidepressant strategy is a great solution to  circumstantial depression — loss of a loved one, a relationship crisis, a job loss or some other significant setback and disappointment.

This best self-help book is designed with the best of psychology, education and hypnosis. It has many innovative learning technologies build into the lessons.

Learn for eight minutes each day when and where you want. Acquire the necessary knowledge, tools, and attitudes to fight common circumstantial depression.

These amazing audio lessons are simple, easy to use, and take only 8-minutes a day of learning for about three weeks (this is an average length of time for most people).

It's like cognitive-behavioral therapy in a pill!

Here are the outstanding features in these lessons:
  • Convenient. You are active and busy. This is precisely why I have designed this defeat depression course that only requires 8-minutes-day.

  • Private. Solve your problems privately without involving others (counseling services, teachers, or doctors). With  Defeat Depression    — develop a personalized antidepressant strategy self-help lessons your problem and the solution remains confidential! 

  • Full Mind Learning. Scientists know intellectual, logical, and analytical learning uses the "left/conscious" side of the brain, and emotional, imaginative, and creative learning uses the "right/subconscious" side of the brain. This course engages both sides of the mind for optimal learning, making eliminating circumstantial depression relatively easy and long-lasting. Many of the best self-help books for women and men fail to "educate" the source of the circumstantial depression — the emotional mind.  Defeat Depression   —  develop a personalized antidepressant strategy distinguishes itself through addressing both sides of your mind for a complete solution to circumstantial depression.

  • Targets A Specific Problem. There is no need for you to listen to a lengthy collection of self-improvement audio programs or read a wordy book or two, and then try to extract from it the 5% or 10% that is relevant. This depression eliminating course targets a specific problem and provides a specific solution.

  • Practical Skills. Theory is nice, but change will not happen without action. Plain and simple  — you need to know what to do, and that is what my skill building component teaches. You will master the attitudes and behavior leading to contentment and happiness.    
This is what you will get in this amazing depression defeating best self-help book:
  • Introduction. This track teaches how to use this self-help book.

  • Intellectual Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson teaches the "intellectual" or conscious mind the basic principles and life-skills needed to push away depression and enjoy your life.

  • Emotional Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson uses the "emotional" or subconscious mind to support your decision to be happy.

  • Deep Relaxation (about 27 minutes). This is an optional lesson that gently leads you on a personal inner journey using the power of your imagination to achieve a mental state of contentment and happiness.

This best self-help book for women and men,  Defeat Depression  — develop a personalized antidepressant strategy, is the perfect solution to circumstantial depression for individuals that would prefer not to take pills or find that depression pills don't work. In this best self-help book, you use the power of your mind to eject sadness and circumstantial depression from your life.

Christine Padesky, Ph.D. adds, "Seventy percent of people who stop taking medication (for depression) will have a relapse as compared to thirty-five percent after cognitive behavioral therapy." [see The Milton H. Ericson Foundation Newsletter, Spring 2007, vol 27, no. 1]. Clearly, when you use the "power of your mind" to defeat circumstantial depression, you are on the best road to recovery.

Listen to a short clip of this best self-help book that will help you defeat circumstantial depression:

Purchase now this amazingly simple and easy to use defeat depression best self-help book for men and women. 
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Reviews of Defeat Depression —  develop a personalized antidepressant strategy:

"This book (defeat depression) was just what I was needing and looking for." - Kelly

"I bought these thinking that they were Cognitive Behavioral audio CDs for depression but they are not, instead they are audiotapes that combine self affirmations with practical suggestions, soothing sounds and cognitive behavioral type therapy into one very solid and effective anti-depression, anti-anxiety, anti-destructive behavior and productivity enhancing program. The CDs are easy to listen as you are going to bed, while you are cooking in the kitchen or while you are on a commute from home to work. I have found them to be fantastic. " - Sandy

"My psychiatrist has put me on 4 medications for depression-but I am still crying all the time and feel terrible. Then I listened to your Defeat Depression CD. I felt energized. I even stopped my car to listen to the extended deep relaxation track. I felt empowered and so much better. The next day I went to a wedding and I was so happy and outgoing. This CD has made such a difference. I have been listening for the three days. I feel better, have been more productive at work, and feel good about my future. Thanks."- M.M.

"Having a sick child is very difficult. In fact, both myself and my husband have become depressed because of it. I have been listening to your Defeat Depression CD every day or so and it has really made a huge difference. It has been one of my most important coping tools." Insightful and Practical" - Michael

"It [the Defeat Depression program] Works!" -M.W.

"I found this audio very useful and easy to listen to. I acquired from the internet information about the research behind it, and found it helpful for me to fully understand the methods behind the program. I now find myself changing some of myself defeating habits and thinking patterns without effort. One of the many helpful ideas from the audio is that positive thoughts and thinking is not necessary automatic but a little effort can initiate subtle and powerful change. I would recommend this type of program to anyone." -B.D. 

"I am listening everyday to your Defeat Depression CD. I have learned that I need to ‘do’ even when I don’t feel like it. What’s great is that it works. I am feeling so much better. The medication my psychiatrist has given me has been of little use. But, this program has really made me feel better, and even others are noticing." - J.C.

* Please note: 8-minutes-a-day for 3-weeks is required for typical problems. Some individuals need to use this best self-help book for a longer period of time or require occasional reviews. Also, some individuals may require specific treatments not provided by this book. Since every person's situation is unique, results cannot be guaranteed.