The Emotionally Abusive / Verbally Abusive Husband or Male Partner

This best-seller is for all women that want to know all about men that abuse and for men who abuse and want to stop

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Why Does He Do That? 
Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men
by Lundy Bancroft

This best self-help book for women and men offers guidelines on how to survive and stop emotional abuse.

The author, Lundy Bancroft was a director for many years of Emerge, a program for abusive men. 

One thing is clear; an emotionally abusive relationship is not acceptable. Emotional abuse marriage, dating and everything in between is covered in this excellent book on the risk, pain and solutions to emotional abuse.

In this book on emotional abuse you will:

  • Discover why the emotionally abusive husband can say so convincingly, "I love you," and then be cruel
  • Learn the different types of abusive men
  • Discover the myths about emotional abuse
  • Learn how to keep your head clear when your emotionally abusive husband seems to be "Mr. Wonderful" to the outside world, but a monster to you
  • Learn the tactics abusive men use to manipulate their partners
  • Learned the motives behind the emotionally abusive husband
  • If you're dating, learn the warning signs of emotional abuse and what to do
  • And most important, if you are being abused, learn how to stop it.

Abuse comes in many forms and combinations. Abuse can be emotional, physical and sexual. Lundy Bancroft covers all these permeations a woman is likely to encounter in an emotional abuse marriage or relationship and how she should protect herself.

This book, Why Does He Do That? also guides on how to deal with the other people involved in an abusive relationship — professionals, family, friends and children.

The reviews on this book are overwhelmingly positive and many writers claim, Why Does He Do That? is the best self-help book available on emotional abuse.

"Why Does He Do That" is well written and persuasive, although it is a bit lengthy and requires a serious investment of time to master.

If you know you are, or wonder if you are, in an emotionally abusive relationship, this is the book to get.

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