Emotional Abuse Help

Abuse Is a Relationship Crime — Get the Help You Need to Free Yourself

Are you being abused? If so, get help from Abe Kass, author of this site and certified Couple and Family Therapist. Every person has a 'human right' to respect, freedom, and to live a life free of abuse.


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Freebies to get you on the path to ending emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and psychological abuse

Here is a collection of self-help tools to use to stop emotional abuse. These tools can benefit both the victims of abuse and those who behave abusively.  Make your family a healthy, loving, and happy place to live and this can only happen after the abuse has ended!


VIDEO - An Abuser Can Change to Be a Respectful Partner — When He or She Wants to and Knows How!

Abusers should always be given at least one chance to denounce their abusive ways and reform themselves. In this informative video, an abuser and his or her partner can learn the steps necessary to recover from past abuse.


VIDEO - Anger, Emotional Abuse, and a Sexless Marriage

Anger is the primary tool to maintain emotional abuse. When abuse is repeated many times it will eventually lead to a sexless marriage.
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QUIZ - Free and Confidential Emotional Abuse Test

Learn the TRUTH about your marriage or committed relationship... and if there is emotional abuse, what to do and where to get help.

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QUIZ - Does Anger Fuel the Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship?

For some abusive individuals, anger may be there the "tool" of choice to maintain control over the target of abuse. In such cases, "stopping anger" is a necessary part of stopping emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse. Take the following free Anger Management Test that will help you determine if you have a serious anger problem or take this Anger Management Test and answer the questions describing the behavior of your partner.

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QUIZ - Can Emotional Abusers Change?

If you are a victim of abuse (or you are an abuser) you will want to know, "Can abusers change?" Answer 15 questions to learn if your abuser can stop abusing. 

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QUIZ - FREE Verbal Abuse Test

Learn the truth: Are you being verbally abused? What are the signs of verbal abuse? How should you deal with verbal abuse?

Get started in stoping verbal abuse by taking this free Verbal Abuse Test.

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VIDEO - Assertive Communication

Are you in an abusive relationship? If yes, then you need to defend yourself from abuse. Assertive Communication is a powerful relationship tool to protect your self-esteem and self-worth.  As well, Assertive Communication will help you have the confidence to get outside help if needed. Learn more about Assertive Communication.