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Emotional Abuse: Abusive Relationships Can Ruin Your Life


Are you one of the many people who live in an abusive relationship? If so, you need to do something to stop this unacceptable situation. For many, encouraging an abusive husband or wife to take an anger management test can increase their self-awareness and lead to a positive solution.

Abusive relationships can ruin your life

Abusive relationships are devastating for those who live in one.

If you have ever suffered from emotional abuse, you know how painful it can be.

The old saying, "Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you," is just plain wrong.

Every type of abuse is horrible and unacceptable. Each one is deadly in its own way. 

- Physical abuse can break bones and take lives. 

- Verbal abuse can destroy self-worth.

- Emotional abuse can destroy a person's self-esteem and joy in life.

If you are being emotionally abused, it is wrong, and it is also wrong for you to just accept it.

Verbal abuse is the primary way that a person is assaulted emotionally. The first challenge is recognizing that verbal abuse is wrong and being able to identify it when it occurs.

Abusive relationships often occur without anyone actually identifying what is happening.

Are you emotionally abused? If yes, the first thing you need to do is confront your abuser and let him or her know that you are not willing to accept this behavior any longer. There are many ways to 'confront.' Your first consideration must be your safety. Most people who abuse verbally can be trusted to not assault physically. However, you must be certain. 

Watch a short video on emotional abuse and learn how it ruins a marriage:

If there is any possibility that 'confronting' your abuser will lead to a physical assault, you need to get outside help. An appropriate professional can help guide you out of your unacceptable situation.

Confronting your abuser does not mean going to war or breaking your family. Most people who abuse others will stop when they understand that what they are doing is injuring those they love. 

Often a 'confrontation' with your abuser is a simple as asking him or her to take an anger management test. When he or she can identify what they are doing, this may lead to feelings of remorse and a commitment to behave better. From my clinical practice I know that many people are ignorant about effects of extreme anger.

Often anger fuels the emotional abuse in a relationship. Take a Free Anger Management Test to determine if you or your partner has a serious anger problem.

A person who uses insults, yelling, threatening, and sarcasm to get his or her way is behaving abusively. Sadly, a person who behaves this way does not always recognize what he or she is doing or why.

Anger solutions

People who are emotionally abusive are bullies. They want to get their way and stepping on you seems reasonable to them.

Emotional abuse is an extreme act of selfishness.

However, when an emotional abuser recognizes how wrong his or her behavior is, most will choose a better way to get what he or she wants or they may simply want less.

For such individuals who abuse others, a good course in anger management training can be most helpful.

I have witnessed in my clinical practice many individuals prone to the expression of extreme anger benefit greatly from learning from an anger management workbook that I give out in my practice. The anger management worksheets in my book are particularly effective.

Learn more about my Anger Management Workbook that help stop anger.

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You can learn Anger Management Techniques using my self-help Anger Control Audiobook. Learn more about the audiobook and hear a sample of it.

emotional abuser, verbal abuse, signs of emotional abuse, psychological abuse

Learn more. Purchase this professional guide on how to free yourself from emotional abuse.

emotional abuser, verbal abuse, signs of emotional abuse, psychological abuse


People often want to be good. When they come to the conclusion that their behavior is bad, and they are shown a better way to behave they can change.

Read how Relationship Therapy can stop the abuse and save your marriage.

Learn about  Ruth who suffers from emotional abuse in her marriage.

Topics: How to deal with emotional abuse, Can an abusive relationship be saved, Can emotional abusers change