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Emotional abuse: Emotionally abusive relationships therapy

• Does therapy correct emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse?
• What types of mental health specialists treat emotionally abusive relationships?
• If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, why should you get emotional abuse therapy
• Take our Emotional Abuse Test. See the link below

Therapy to stop emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse

Marriage and couples therapy for emotional abuse can be very helpful provided you find the right therapist. With the right therapeutic help, even seemingly insurmountable problems — emotional abuse, psychological abuse, verbal abuse — can be overcome. Good therapy can turn you and your partner into marriage builders.

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As Marriage Builders, instead of just accepting a bad relationship or abandoning your relationship, with the right relationship therapy you will develop the tools and skills needed to fix a broken marriage. The essence of marriage builders are a commitment to making a relationship that is healthy, happy, and long-lasting. Marriage builders create a home environment that is healthy for all those living in the family.

Domestic violence and physical abuse are in a different category from emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse and are not covered in this article. Domestic violence and physical abuse often have immediate safety concerns and solutions to put an end to the risk of physical injury need to be dealt with immediately. To learn more about Domestic violence and physical abuse read my free marriage counseling information on Domestic Violence and Physical abuse.

The types of mental health specialists qualified to treat emotionally abusive relationships

Most psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers do not have the specialized training required for solving complex relationships problems. Finding the right therapist begins with finding a therapist who is trained and certified to work with relationships.

One to the best sources for qualified relationship specialists is the American and Canadian Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy.

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Look for a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, cleric or social worker that can show you upon your request his or her specialized training and certification in relationship problem solving that prove his or her competence.

Unfortunately, many well-intending professionals have made situations worse because they have not fully mastered the skills needed to help with serious marriage problems typically found in emotionally abusive relationships.

Relationship therapy is a highly specialized relationship procedure. Having an opinion about "marriage" or antidotal information about marriage is not a qualification to treat a couple that is in the depths of emotional abuse.

For many couples struggling in emotionally abusive relationships, finding the right therapeutic help is the greatest factor in whether or not emotional abuse will be overcome and replaced with respect, trust, safety, and love.

It is also important that you find a relationship therapist that really cares about you and your family and is willing to dedicate himself or herself to improving your situation.

As well, if you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, your marriage therapist needs to connect with the instigator of the emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse. If the therapist, instead of building a therapeutic relationship with the abusive husband or abusive wife vilifies her, it is very difficult to then have effective therapy.

We can disagree with what someone does and still like and respect the person. This is the attitude a good relationship therapist needs to take with an abusive husband or abusive wife. When the therapist is successful achieving this connection with the abusive person, this bodes well for successful marriage therapy or committed relationship therapy.

If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship these are some of the benefits of getting effective relationship therapy

Having the right therapist can be a lifesaver. The therapist can connect with your abusive partner and explain to him or her how there is no advantage to continuing to be abusive and the advantages in learning how to treat you with respect, kindness, and consideration. A good therapist can help you join the ranks of marriage builders that work hard to create a healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship.

With therapy for abusive marriages and committed relationships, you may be able to avoid complete relationship breakdown and divorce. If you have children, this is particularly important. Children are often injured in many ways when their parents divorce. However, this does not mean you should "put up" with emotional abuse. Rather, before you consider divorce, you should make every effort to turn things around, so you are no longer in an emotionally abusive relationship.

With good therapy, it is possible to become a marriage builder and rebuild and respect, trust, safety, and love.

If you need a therapist to help you recover your self-esteem, you do not necessarily need a relationship specialist. The average psychologist or social worker is well trained to help you achieve this goal.

We all know the value utilizing the services of doctors, dentists, lawyers or accountants when necessary. So too, you should recognize the value in using a relationship specialist to help you with your serious relationship problems such as emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and verbal abuse.

Get the help you need to build together with your partner a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.

If money is an issue, you can always get self-help materials. However, taking out an additional credit card as you would for a luxury vacation once every few years is certainly reasonable to save your family, reduce your emotional pain, and protect your mental health. Learning to be a marriage builder is a great investment in your future.

A few thousand dollars of debt is easily justified if it prevents years of misery either living with an abusive person or living alone or perhaps entering into another relationship that will likely have its own set of problems.

If you have children, remarriage will likely be difficult for them and leave them at risk for emotional, behavioral and educational problems. Solving the problems between you and your partner would be the ideal solution for everyone, especially your children.

Getting relationship therapy with the right person is likely the best financial investment you will ever make.

Are you in an emotionally abusive marriage or committed relationship? Take our Emotional Abuse Test. Click or tap Emotional Abuse Test