Free Online Marriage Counseling: Emotional Closeness

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Free Marriage Counseling: Emotional Closeness in Your Marriage or Committed Relationship

Emotional closeness in your committed relationship gives it life!

Make sure your marriage or committed relationship has a healthy dose of fun, love, and sex. These are the ingredients for feeling emotionally close to one another.

List on a piece of paper ten or more activities that you and your partner have done, are doing, or you would like to do in the future that would connect you in an emotional way — activities that would give you and your partner the feelings of friendship, comradery, teamship, being understood, valued, etc. 

When you are finished writing your emotional-closeness wish-list, swap lists with your partner and read what he or she has written.

It is important for you and your partner fully understand each other's feelings about "emotional-closeness."

Take turns and ask each other questions about each item on the two lists until you both fully understand each other's feelings about 'being emotionally connected.'

With your partner's agreement, hold on to your partner's list so you can refer to it in the coming weeks and months.

Try to do one or more item on your partner's list each week.

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