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Hi, this is marriage therapist Abe Kass,

Not everyone has the opportunity to get marriage counseling from a skilled and caring marriage therapist.

The obstacles to good marriage counseling might be financial, time, or an unwillingness of one's spouse or partner to attend marriage counseling.

Regardless of the reason, you still need to know how to fix a broken marriage! The answer... a free marriage counseling ebook you can download immediately that has solutions to many of your relationship problems. 

Yes, some of you will need more help than a single marriage counseling online course can provide. However, getting on of the best self-help books for women and men, Relationship Glue, is a good place to start — and its free!

Keep reading, learn more about my free marriage counseling offer and then fill out the form on this page and get immediately and directly from me, Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT, free marriage counseling.

If you want or need direct professional assitance, a great place to look is the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. There you can find a qualified marriage therapist. Not all "therapists and doctors" are equal — make sure "your" therapist is certified to work with relationships.

Be a marriage builder

Join the ranks of marriage builders that are making their homes a healthy emotional place to live.

I know from experience working for more than twenty-five years as a professional marriage therapist that many stressed couples improve with a little guidance.

In my work, I turn stressed and defeated couples into marriage builders. Let me help you join the ranks of so many others that have learned how to make their marriage healthy, happy and long lasting.

Marriage counseling online

We live in an amazing time when the internet can give you free marriage counseling online with just the click or tap of a few buttons.

Do you want to know why I am giving you FREE marriage counseling online?

These are three reasons. 1. Simply, I am social minded and seek the welfare of all, 2. You will join my email list of Marriage Builders which you can opt out of at anytime and 3. You might want to buy my book, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage for a few dollars from Amazon.

I want to give you right now Relationship Glue: The 8 reasons partners stick together — a FREE marriage self-help book with the first-steps on how to fix a broken marriage and how to return your relationship to health and happiness.

This book is for all committed couples regardless of the legal status of your relationship. This book is not about HOW you came together. This book is about HOW TO STAY TOGETHER. This is why I call it Relationship Glue: The 8 reasons partners stick together.

Take my eBook, Relationship Glue: The 8 reasons partners stick together as a gift. There are no commitments.

As well, you will also get my FREE Moment of Wisdom News in your inbox so we can stay in touch. You can unsubscribe anytime you like, and we will never give to anyone your email address.

This ebook is a valuable resource on how to fix a broken marriage and establish a healthy, happy and long lasting relationship.

Your marriage is your most valuable possession. Invest in it! Download this ebook directly to your computer or smartphone and start building a healthy marriage for yourself and everyone else in your family.

In this free marriage counseling online ebook Relationship Glue: The 8 reasons partners stick together you will learn:

  • The 8 essential character traits that create a healthy and loving marriage or partnership.

  • Learn how men and women seeks different things from their partners.
  • In a relationship, why kindness is essential.

  • Why "loyalty" is so important.

  • What makes "sex" an essential part of a healthy relationship.

  • Learn what to do if you have an immature partner.
  • How to protect yourself and your partner from physical and emotional infidelity.

  • Learn about the "five types of love-buttons" for a complete person to person connection.

  • Lean in depth details about each of the four types of love: Sensual-love, Emotional-love, Sexual-love and Spiritual-love. 

  • Learn about the "Covenant-Marriage" — the strongest marriage of all.

  • Learn how to fix a broken marriage and prevent divorce. 

  • Learn how to protect your children by preventing divorce.
  • Learn what you need to do to make your love last and your family safe from frequent conflict and divorce.

  • Learn how to build a marriage of love, happiness and longevity.

Marriage success requires work. Learn the rules to a good marriage and work smart!

Get FREE marriage counseling online for marriage builders.

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Do this... its simple:

Fill out the form below and you will get a link to download my FREE marriage counseling ebook. 

With this free marriage counseling help you will be getting genuine and FREE marriage counseling lessons directly in your own home at no cost to you.

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Using the information in the book, Relationship Glue: The 8 reasons partners stick together you can make great progress to a better relationship.

Take the book, improve your marriage, and if that is all you do and we never meet, or you don't buy anything from me, I am completely satisfied.

If you want to show appreciation for my having given you this marriage guide, you can do so by passing it on to someone else... doing so is a privilege and pleasure for me.

Get the rules to a good marriage, learn how to fix a broken marriage and how to build a healthy and long lasting relationship. 

The lessons in this marriage self-help book are based on twenty-five years of professional work as a marriage therapist.

Over the years, I have learned HOW marriages get broken and HOW to fix them... and most important, I want to SHARE this wisdom with you.


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how to fix a broken marriage, free marriage counseling, marriage buildersAbe Kass, M.A., R.S.W., R.M.F.T., is a registered Social Worker, registered Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and award-winning educator and writer.

He has helped thousands of couples just like you improve their marriages and committed relationships through becoming marriage builders.

Abe has a busy family therapy practice working with individuals, couples, and their families in Toronto, Canada and internationally with face-to-face, phone and Skype appointments.

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