Marriage Builders: FREE Healthy Relationship Quiz

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Marriage Builders: FREE Healthy Relationship Quiz

Complete 18 questions and get your results immediately!
Please note: Depending on the device you are using you may need to scroll up the page to get to get your "score"

Attention Marriage Builders: "After" you have completed the Healthy Relationship Quiz, here are the 3-steps to learn how to improve your relationship:

1. Scroll to the top of the page and get your score.

2. Note your overall score and look through your answers to find the ones your scored "incorrectly." Write down the question numbers of the incorrect answers. The incorrect answers are identified with an "x and are marked red. On the next page (step 3), you will be given FREE marriage counseling advice on how to improve your relationship.

3. Now Click or Tap the link below to learn what your score means and the specific ways you can improve your marriage or committed relationship:

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