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You can survive infidelity and make your marriage or committed relationship healthy

Not every couple survives infidelity!

The "relationship disease" of infidelity if left unchecked destroys couples and families.

Infidelity recovery is not assured unless it is faced in a safe and caring environment. 

Whether you are the perpetrator or victim, you need qualified professional guidance to achieve a full recovery from infidelity. You cannot do the relationship work needed on your own.

When a couple is afflicted with infidelity, and they don't deal with all its ugly dimensions, their relationship can be made much worse than it already is. For example:

  • Trust is never restored leading to chronic worry and stress.
  • Anger becomes a chronic characteristic of the relationship. This can lead to bickering and ill-will.
  • There is a risk that the partner who was betrayed (the victim) seeks to punish his or her cheating partner by cheating themselves.
  • The family life remains forever tense and the children become victims of a toxic home atmosphere.
  • The relationship becomes sexless.
  • Forgiveness is not earned and granted.

The 7-Step Recovery Map

In the process of my work, I have developed a 7-Step Recovery Map for couples suffering from infidelity:

Step One: Cease all contact with the romantic outside person.

Step Two: Prove that the affair has ended.

Step Three: The partner who strayed must feel genuine remorse.

Step Four: The partner who strayed must accept 100% responsibility for the affair.

Step Five: The couple must have candid conversations regarding the affair and the victim's 'need to know the details' must be honored. "Truth" is paramount during this step.

Step Six: Couples must aim to resume a ‘normal’ relationship while specifying certain times to work on infidelity recovery. Normal life and its routines and responsibilities cannot cease! If everyday behavior collapses be cause of the trauma of infidelity, additional personal and relationship injury will occur.

Step Seven: Couples must address their historical relationship problems. Even though there is no excuse for infidelity, there may be past relationship injuries and disappointments that explain how an individual came to stray. The past must be  explored for complete healing.


Only after these 7-Recovery Steps have been completed can the perpetrator of the betrayal request forgiveness and the victim seriously consider his or her request.

Forgiveness is not a "Step" that can be worked on. It is a feeling in the heart and it is a gift given only after all the recovery work has been completed.

Most couples take many months of on-going relationship work to recover. However, there can be no pressure or deadlines as each individual and each situation is absolutely unique.

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A good marriage or committed relationship

A good marriage or committed relationship is a science! When you know the formula, you will know how to overcome serious relationship problems and build a healthy, happy, and long-lasting marriage or committed relationship — a marriage in which you and your partner passionately enjoy being together.

I have been helping couples for 25-plus years overcome the pain and dysfunction of infidelity. I am ready to guide you and your partner to a better life going forward.

Work with me to rebuild trust, security, reduce anger, rekindle passion, love, and address the problems in your relationship that may have existed prior to the betrayal of infidelity.

I care about you and your family, and when we work together we can perform relationship miracles!

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