PREVENT DIVORCE [and have the best marriage or committed relationship possible]

Free marriage counseling: Relationship Awareness Quizzes 

Emotional Abuse Test

Learn the TRUTH about your marriage or committed relationship... and if there is emotional abuse, what to do and where to get help.

Emotional Abuse Test

Healthy Relationship Quiz

Learn about the health of your marriage or committed relationship and what areas you and your partner — as Marriage Builders — need to improve.

Relationship quiz

How Much Love is in Your Marriage or Committed Relationship?

You need 80% correct or better to pass the quiz. 

If you "don't pass" — read some marriage self-help books written by qualified professionals or go for marriage counseling with a caring and mental health specialist. Perhaps you also need some work to clear away past problems so you are more able to love and care.

Relationship love

Marriage Team Player

You need an 80% passing mark if you are to qualify to be a couple-team member.

If you "fail" — read some marriage self-help books written by qualified professionals or go for marriage counseling with a caring and professional relationship specialist.

Couple team

Emotional Fitness for Marriage

You need 80% correct or better to pass the quiz.

If you did not pass... Don't panic. With consistent effort and awareness, you can develop the maturity and skill needed to be a good partner. Everyone can become a Marriage Builder!

Marriage fitness

Marriage Essentials Poll

Do you agree with the "relationship professionals" as to what are the most important elements in a healthy marriage or committed relationship? Take the poll and find out! Learn what Marriage Builders already know. Find out what other individuals think.

Marriage essentials

Partner's Extended Family

Are you "good" with your partner's extended family?

Your relationship with your partner's family is an opportunity to show your partner love and respect and doing so is important if you are to have a fully healthy marriage or committed relationship.

If you score less than 80% on this quite, then  — as Marriage Builders — you should seek ways to increase the peace and harmony with your partner's family. (Note: There can be times when a good relationship is not possible — as Marriage Builders', do your best.)

Partner's extended family

Anger Management Test

Anger and love cannot go together! And sadly, anger will always overcome love. Learn if you have an anger management problem and if yes, what you can do about it.

Anger management test

Passive Aggressive Anger

If you answer "yes to passive-aggressive anger," to one or more of the questions, then you have an anger management problem. It is advisable that you or your partner  — as Marriage Builders — learn ways to avoid passive aggressive anger and be calm and respectful with each other.

Passive aggressive anger can harm a relationship in the same way as more "open and aggressive" forms of anger. Challenge passive aggressive anger by getting anger management help.

Passive aggressive anger

Should You Forgive Your Partner Who Cheated?

Forgiveness is dynamic between two people. As such, not every person is entitled to be forgiven for their 'relationship sins.' Before forgiving your partner for being unfaithful specific criteria should be met. Take this  quiz to see if your partner who cheated on you has earned the right to be forgiven or not. 

Forgiving a cheating partner

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