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Emotional Abuse Test

Learn the TRUTH about your marriage or committed relationship... and if there is emotional abuse, what to do and where to get help.

Emotional Abuse Test

Verbal Abuse Test

Are you being verbally abused? Learn the truth. Knowledge is your first step to defeating abuse!

Verbal Abuse Test

Healthy Relationship Quiz

Learn about the health of your marriage or committed relationship and what areas you and your partner — as Marriage Builders — need to improve.

Healthy Relationship Quiz 

Emotional Fitness for Marriage

Committed Relationship and Marriage Builders: A healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship requires two mature individuals. Are you and your partner mature enough to succeed in a committed relationship? Is selfishness ruining your marriage or committed relationship?

Relationship Maturity Quiz

Can Emotional Abusers Change?

Abuse exists because of dysfunctional attitudes and patterns of behavior. Abusers can certainly change their behavior for the better. However, it takes the right approach and hard work.

Can Emotional Abusers Change? Quiz

Partner's Extended Family

Are you "good" with your partner's extended family? Your relationship with your partner's family is an opportunity to show your partner love and respect and doing so is important if you are to have a fully healthy marriage or committed relationship.

Partner's extended family

Anger Management Test

Anger and love cannot go together! And sadly, anger will always overcome love. Learn if you have an anger management problem and if yes, what you can do about it.

Anger management test

 Should You Forgive Your Partner Who Cheated?

Forgiveness is dynamic between two people. As such, not every person is entitled to be forgiven for their 'relationship sins.' Before forgiving your partner for being unfaithful specific criteria should be met. Take this  quiz to see if your partner who cheated on you has earned the right to be forgiven or not. 

Forgiving a Cheating Partner Quiz

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