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Marriage Builders: Build a Strong Marriage

Marriage Builders alert: A good marriage doesn't just happen. Rather, a healthy and long lasting marriage or are committed relationship is the fruit of skill and effort!

When Thomas and Mary made a conscious decision to work on their marriage, the first change they made was to put their relationship first.

When they did, they felt much happier and closer to each other. And as the relationship continued to blossom, even though their children were not directly involved, they too felt very positive about what their parents were doing. 

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Sometimes I am an emotional weakling. Are you?

I have a large and complex family. Many of my children are married with children, and there are seemingly endless situations that arise that present emotional challenges.

Sometimes my feelings are hurt. Being emotionally vulnerable and at times hurt is natural. However, it is not desirable. I try my best to take responsibility for my mood state and regardless of what is going on remain positive and happy.

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Free couples counseling: The Truth about Marriage

Marriage builders are smart people!

The quality of your life will largely depend on creating a loving family. This starts with marriage — and then continues with marriage.

Marriage is a lifetime partnership, often blessed with children.

The alternative to being married is being single. The single lifestyle is devoid of many emotional, spiritual, and sexual treasures available only to married individuals.

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Free marriage counseling: Three marriage tips to make a great marriage.

Be a marriage builder. Use the following three free marriage counseling tips for a healthy, happy, and long-lasting marriage.

Marriage is any two individuals living together to make a family. Some individuals find being in a marital relationship very challenging.

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Free marriage counseling: Healthy Families Have These Three Ingredients

Be a marriage builder. Get free marriage counseling from a proven expert plus free bonuses of more free marriage counseling and couples therapy worksheets.

Question: Dear Abe,

My wife just gave birth to our fourth child and sometimes things get pretty crazy at home. My wife is not working, and we don't have enough money.

We shout, get angry, and sometimes we even drink too much alcohol because of all the family tension. I don't think this is the best way to deal with our family problems and stresses.

What should a family be like? What should our family goals be?

I understand you promote marriage builders and I want to be one. I know letting my family deteriorate and perhaps break apart would be a horrible thing for everyone.

Can you please tell me what I need to do to succeed as a marriage builder. I need some powerful relationship building skills.


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Take some free marriage counseling gleaned from my clinical practice working with all types of couples in all types of situations:

Marriage builders have healthier and stronger families

Marriage builders know that peace and harmony between you and your partner are essential to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and the health of the each family member.

With this in mind, it should be important to both of you – husband and wife – to do everything possible to maintain peace and harmony on any particular issue even if one individual is completely in the right while the other is completely wrong!

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Free marriage counseling: The #1 Tip For Marriage Success

This is the #1 tip used by marriage builders.

After 25 years in the trenches of marital warfare, I have learned an indispensable characteristic of all happy marriages! And I am going to share this with you the secret of marriage builders

Here today is free marriage counseling advice that will reveal how to fix a broken marriage and build love and companionship.

Don't let the simplicity of this #1 tip fool you! It is powerful; it will transform your marriage or committed relationship from one of pain to one of pleasure.

[Drum roll please…]

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Free marriage counseling: The Science Of Relationship Failure

Free marriage counseling for those who will not accept relationship failure as an option (see video version below).

You think you know what you want in a partner. Think again!

Evaluating the results of six scientific studies involving 6,500 people, psychologists have concluded it is not "what you want" that matters, rather it is what you "don't want" that is the deal breaker. Marriage builders take heed...

For example, you may reject your partner or a potential partner because he or she has an undesirable personality trait, differing religious beliefs, limited social status, and differing relationship goals.

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Your wife wants divorce. The five steps to get her back and more...

So your wife wants divorce! The five steps to get her back.

Perhaps you are jumping for joy when your wife announced she wants a divorce… you never imagined relationship exit could be so easy!

More likely you are down and out after having found out your wife wants divorce. The rejection, the uncertainty, and fear consume you. You know a man is not supposed to cry, but you can't stop.

Divorce has become common these days. Throwing away years of marriage seems easy. The many positive events tossed aside as if they never happened.

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Marriage rules: Make Your Female Partner Feel Loved [marriage advice]

Here is some free marriage advice for men. 

Want a more passionate marriage, more respect and acknowledgment, or you want to know how to fix a broken marriage? This free marriage self-help will work… guaranteed.

1. Express approval of your wife.

Tell your wife she is wonderful. Tell her she's special and there is no one in the world as good as she is. These words make her feel loved.

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Upgrade the quality of your life and relationships with these "recommended" best self-help books for women and men.

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