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Abusive relationships: Extreme anger kills families

by Abe Kass on March 3, 2015

emotional abuse, extreme angerLiving in an abusive relationship is emotionally painful... it may also be physically dangerous. Some individuals are aware they are being abused and some are not. Take the Emotional Abuse Test if you are not sure and keep reading to learn more.

Abusive relationships are maintained by expressions of extreme anger

It may be hot or cold anger; threats and insults or silent treatment and a sexless marriage. These are all common outcomes of an emotionally abusive relationship.

If the above is true for you, consider your marriage amongst the many abusive relationships were so many good people struggle to live with dignity and happiness.

If you are an abuser... you may lose your family

Chronic anger is the leading cause of marriage breakdown and divorce. Many good people lose their marriage and families because of the extreme anger plague. Don't let yours be one of them.

Love and extreme anger cannot coexist together. When both are present, anger will always prevail leading to thoughts to get away from the angry person.

Partners stay together when each contributes in a positive way to each other. When you are a source of pain to your partner, you are at risk for losing him or her.

Words in abusive relationships

In abusive relationships, words are the primary instrument to hurt, bully and intimidate.

Many people destroy their relationships one word at a time. It's like a death from a thousand wounds. Each anger outburst punches a hole in your marital peace and harmony.

The details of the actual conversation may be forgotten, but not the hurt and bruised feelings caused by extreme anger last for days.

If you are not sure if you are living with abusive anger, take the Emotional Abuse Test. If you fail, get anger management help or therapy with a competent relationships specialist.

Emotional Abuse Test

Abusive relationships make marriage a misery and the tool that carries out the evil deed are evil words. If there is physical violence, it is essential that you immediately establish safety before anything else. Consult with appropriate authorities or competent relationship specialist to know how to deal with this very serious condition.

Words in a healthy marriage

Smart husbands and wives, understanding the power of words. They think carefully before they speak, making sure their words and sentences will be experienced as kind, gentle, and understanding. 

These are the couples that don't live in abusive relationships. Rather, they live with love and friendship as it should be.

Soft-spoken words of kindness and affection build bridges connecting you to your partner. Angry words are like bombs blowing up up your connection. 

If you take Emotional Abuse Test and you score below what is acceptable because of your angry words, take a look at my Anger Management Workbook. Countless people have learned to improve their marriage through learning how to control their anger.

Take a look at my Anger Management Workbook

All it takes is a few seconds of extreme anger, and your marital connections are broken. When you learn how to control your anger using my Anger Management Workbook you will safeguard yourself from hurting those you love and safeguard your marriage.

Make your relationships healthy and happy. Carefully select and arrange your thoughts before you express them with words. Words are powerful, use them to build your marriage. 

Once released, your words will never come back. Extreme anger leaving your mouth can never be taken back. Even apologies cannot fully undo the damage. 

After you take my Emotional Abuse Test, you can then get my Free Anger Management Tips if needed. This may be sufficient to give your the focus you need to stop your anger. If not, take a look at my Anger Management Workbook mentioned above. The essential thing is you need to stop your expressions of anger!

Free Anger Management Tips

I want to help you build a successful marriage for yourself and the rest of your family. This is why I am giving you so much free anger management! For the most complete mastery of anger, consider my Anger Management Workbook.

BE A MARRIAGE BUILDER: Build a healthy and long lasting marriage

You want your partner to feel comfortable when close to you. Make sure your words contribute toward this goal. Don't force your partner to wonder if he or she is living in one of those abusive relationships that every married person fears.

How? Make all your words, sentences and conversations anger-free. Fill your words with positives, warmth, and affection. Nurture your relationship and it will bear fruit. Your marriage will then be happy and long-lasting. 

Research has shown that it takes five positive interactions to cancel a single negative interaction (anger, arguing, and criticism). Since negative interactions are so difficult to neutralize, a wise person should try to avoid them in the first place. It is easy to soil a white shirt, but difficult to clean it! The same is true with relationships. One explosion of extreme anger can spoil the day.

It takes a lot of work to build up intimacy, but one careless moment of rage to quickly pull it all down. The best way to protect the intimacy and love you and your partner have is keeping anger far away.

If you think you are in an abusive relationship, here is more information and help:


Department of Justice

CDC - Centers for Disease and Prevention

Women's health.gov


Department of Justice

Public Health Agency of Canada

Canadian Women's Foundation


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