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Emotional abuse test — should you take it?

by Abe Kass on May 10, 2015

emotional abuse test, emotionally abusive relationshipsIs yours an emotionally abusive relationship?

Do you live with extreme anger? Does your partner insist he or she is always right, and you are always wrong? Do you have the feeling your partner wants you to admit he or she is superior to you? Do you tip toe around your partner for fear of triggering an extreme anger outburst?

If you answer yes to even one of these questions, then you should take the emotional abuse test that will be offered to you shortly.

Emotionally abusive relationships are not uncommon. They are more than that of extreme anger. Emotionally abusive relationships include the extreme anger, and ALSO have the intent to establish a superior position over one's partner.

Not every relationship characterized by extreme anger is also an emotionally abusive relationship — but it may be, and it is essential you find out.

If you conclude you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, then you need to find a way to get yourself out of it! Individuals that live in emotionally abusive relationships will suffer from self-esteem injuries, humiliation and fear—and this is no way to live! As well, there is always the real possibility that an emotionally abusive relationship can turn violent and someone may be injured and/or arrested.

Extreme anger versus emotional abuse

Expressions of extreme anger injure the person the outburst are directed toward, but the intent of the anger is not to control and break the person's will. In cases of extreme anger, anger management training may be sufficient to eliminate the anger outbursts.

On the other hand, emotionally abusive relationships require in addition to individual anger management training, they also require character building where the abusive person learns to respect his or her partner.

Male entitlement as the source of emotional abuse 

Often it is the man that behaves abusively believing as a male he is entitled to rule over his female—his wife. He feels superior and every way. He may have learned this growing up, or he may have acquired this belief from some other source. Regardless, he needs to understand that his arrogance and disrespect makes it impossible to contribute to a healthy and happy marriage or committed relationship. He also needs to understand that if he is a father, he is injuring his children.

Emotional abuse infographic 

Often it is difficult to pick up the difference between a relationship characterized by extreme anger and one that is emotionally abusive. This is why I have made in addition to my emotional abuse test also an emotional abuse infographic. The emotional abuse infographic helps describe the subtleties typically found in emotionally abusive relationships. Taking the emotional abuse test together with the self-education using the emotional abuse infographic offers you the best opportunity to get to the truth of your situation.

You are in an emotionally abusive relationship — now what?

If you conclude you are in an emotionally abusive relationship—then you need to get immediate help to get out of it. On my page with the emotional abuse test you will find additional information and resources to help you free yourself from being in an emotionally abusive relationship.

If you have any doubt in your mind as to the nature of your relationship, whether it is an emotionally abusive relationship or not, please take this test. Click the link below:


Emotionally abusive relationships can be fixed, but only if you take the appropriate action. Abusive relationships will not fix themselves!

Take a look at my page on [emotionally abusive relationships] and find out exactly what you need to do.

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