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Free anger management tips: Use Your Mind to Control Anger

by Abe Kass on November 30, 2015

Use your mind to eliminate extreme anger and live peacefully

extreme anger, anger test, anger managment tipsWe all get angry sometimes, and there are times when we simply lose it and end up reacting in such a manner that makes us feel stupid and also leaves a negative impression on others. There is nothing more embarrassing that exploding with extreme anger and revealing to everyone present that we are out of control!

Anger comes from the brain, enters our heart, and exists our mouth! It starts with a thought and ends with hostile words directed at another person!

Get free anger management tips

Need proof? Consider that when you sleep you never become angry since during sleep there is no awareness. However, once you awake and your mind gains consciousness, you can once again become angry.

The good news is that we are not slaves to our thoughts. We CAN influence our mind and thereby control our anger with just a few simple and easy anger management tips.

Below are a few examples of negative thoughts that trigger anger and how to transform them into a calming thoughts.

"This guy is so rude," can be changed to, " This person is having a rough day, I will cut him some slack."

"She doesn't care about me," can be changed to, "She cares about me, it’s just that she shows it in a way that I don’t recognize."

"That is unfair," can be changed to, "That’s how life is, and it is up to me to make the best with what I have."

Calming thoughts reduce anger. When anger provoking thoughts enter your mind, transform them into calming thoughts.

Take a moment and consider some actual examples from your life. What are the initial anger providing thoughts and how can you transform them into calming thoughts.

Take our anger management test. Find out if you suffer from extreme anger. This anger management test is free and takes only a few minutes of your time.

Anger test

Extreme anger or even moderate amounts of anger will ruin your life. It is in your best interest to learn ways to stay calm and live a peacefully.

Contact me if you need help.

Warm regards,

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