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There is absolutely no cost or obligation to instantly download this five-page guide to finding the right mental health professional and the right therapy.

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Learn what are the three critical steps to finding a licensed professional counselor you can trust and will help you solve your personal, marriage, and family problems.

Selecting the "right" mental health professional is exactly like selecting the right medicine. The wrong choice can make your situation worse, whereas the right choice will lead to a cure.

Be informed about the many types of mental health professionals and mental health services BEFORE you start!

In this "free" guide WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BEGIN THERAPY you will learn what are the differences between a family therapist, counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, and psychologist.

Not all mental health help is equal! In this  FREE  Awareness Guide on What You Need to Know Before You Begin Therapy  you will:

- Learn what are the necessary personal characteristics of a licensed mental health counselor, therapist or a relationship specialist.

- Understand what is the difference between a regulated and unregulated mental health professional.

- Know what is "most important" when selecting a therapist, doctor or counselor.

- Learn which "helpers" to avoid and why!

If you're currently in the process of seeking mental health help for a personal or relationship problem... be careful!

"I had to find the right mental health professional... but how? Then I got this FREE GUIDE, and all my questions were answered."

licensed professional counselor, mental health help, mental health professional

Our family was in real trouble.

My marriage was on the rocks, the children were frightened by all the fighting between myself and my husband.

One day my five-year-old told me not to fight with daddy. When I heard this, I knew we were in trouble!

I needed to find a good therapist fast...

Seeking a mental health professional I searched Google and talked to a few friends, but in the end I was left more confused as to where to find the right person! There were so many titles, degrees and specialties to consider, I felt completely lost. Who could I trust? Who would understand? We needed help badly, but I knew if I turned to the wrong professional our family could be hurt, and our situation made worse.

A friend of mine got "advice" from an unqualified professional and ended up divorced. I didn't want to make the same mistake she did! According to her, she went for marriage help and all the doctor did was listen and ask how she and her husband felt. I know that was not what I wanted... I wanted real marriage tools to stop the fighting.

So I got this FREE Awareness Guide on What You Need to Know Before You Begin Therapy from family therapist Abe Kass, and it really cleared things up for me.

I was grateful to know the differences between the many types of professionals. I knew if the therapist was not just right, my husband would not participate... so I had only one chance to get this right!

After reading, thinking and talking things over with my husband, we were able to make an intelligent decision, and we found a great therapist.

I am grateful for getting this guide. It has been so helpful, and now I am confident, with the help of our trusted, skilled and caring therapist we will solve our problems and be a healthy family."


Make sure you know what to look for when comparing mental health professionals and mental health services. Make sure you read Abe's FREE Awareness Guide on What You Need to Know Before You Begin Therapy.

licensed professional counselor, mental health help, mental health professional Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Abe Kass, MA, RSW, RMFT, CCH , is a skilled mental health professional that has helped thousands of individuals, couples, and families find peace and happiness.  

Sadly, countless well-intended individuals have sought mental health services from the wrong specialist and untrained 'wannabe' therapists. They have ended up worse off than before they received this so-called "help."


You would never go to an unregulated medical doctor or dentist, so too you should not go to an unregulated or untrained relationship or mental health specialist.

Your life and the well being of your family are far too important to go with anyone that just hangs-out a sign and shouts, "I am an expert."

In addition to Abe's academic qualifications and certification as a mental health specialist, he has twenty-five plus years clinical experience helping individuals, couples, and families. Most important, as his client he will care about your well-being and the well being of members of your family.

Contact Abe: 905.771.1087, abe@abekass.com.

More information: www.AbeKass.com

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