Well Behaved Children Contribute to Family Harmony

Parents are the Executive Team Within the Family — Use your natural authority wisely and bring peace to every member of your family



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Parent Leader
How to lead your child to health and happiness
by Abe Kass

You might be surprised that many marriages and committed relationship are in conflict because the children in the family are allowed to be a disruptive force.

I can attest, as a seasoned family therapist, that many otherwise peaceful marriages and committed relationships are strained even to the point of breakdown because "the parents" can't get the kids in-sync with their wishes. This lack of leadership has led to relentless 'parent-child' conflict that has disrupted family peace and harmony!

Being a parent leader is the most critical part of parenting, and sadly it is often overlooked with disastrous results! Use whatever good parenting strategy you want. However, if you are NOT a "parent leader" you will fail in your application since you will be unable to influence your child or teen.

Get Parent-Leader — how to lead your child to health and happiness by family therapist Abe Kass. Learn how to organize your family into a peaceful and cooperative community.

Parent-Leader self-help book will show you how to build a loving relationship with your child and create peace in your home. It is one of the best self-help books on the market and is based on the authors years of experience and knowledge as a family therapist and grade school teacher.

This best self-help book is designed with the best of psychology, education and hypnosis. It has many innovative learning technologies build into the lessons.

Unlike many parenting books, Parent-Leader — how to lead your child to health and happiness does not contain patronizing information or throw away advice that you'd find in the latest edition of Oprah magazine.

This is one of the best self-help books for women and men who are serious about raising a healthy and happy child. Parent-Leader   — how to lead your child to health and happiness will show you exactly how to grow a responsible and cooperative son or daughter that you will be proud of and will be a pleasure to parent.

Perhaps you've struggled to teach respect and cooperation to your child, but you have not succeeded. Being a parent has been exhausting, humiliating, and frustrating. You may have even been at times resentful and bitter.

The good news is that you can turn this challenging parenting experience around starting today. You can develop a cooperative relationship with your son or daughter and eliminate punishment, conflict, and bad feelings leaving you ample opportunity for genuine play and quality time together.

Parent-Leader   — how to lead your child to health and happiness  self-help book outlines the EXACT steps you need to take to achieve control and establish a healthy and happy relationship that benefits both you and your child.

So, if you're ready to make your relationship with your child a "WIN - WIN," this is one of the best self-help books that will lead you to parenting success.

Picture right now, the moment you are having a wonderful time with your son or daughter. You talk, and you are heard; You suggest, and you are taken seriously; You say "no," and your decision is respected.

You smile, you laugh, and you feel the conflicts no longer threaten all the love and good you want to give your child. You get a glimpse of a whole new family life ahead of you and you're eager to find out where this new path will lead.

I know this is what you want for yourself and your son or daughter.

So grab your copy of Parent-Leader — how to lead your child to health and happiness and get started today! This book is one of the best  self-help books for women and men that want parenting to be easier and to increase the likelihood of raising a responsible and emotionally healthy child.

Download Parent Leader, one of the best self-help books for women and men, from Amazon:

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Reviews of Parent-Leader:

I have read most of your book and find it very useful.

It is down to earth, easy to read and with good advice. I would like all the parents in my school to have a copy - D. H. - (school principal)

This book covers the basic skills one must have to help cultivate well behaved children and teens.

You'll know to be a parent leader, versus letting your children lead you. I found the writing style to be very engaging and informative. There are 8 detailed steps to transforming your child's behavior, and each one is carefully thought out and explained. The core idea of this book is one that I fully agree with. A child needs an authority figure to truly thrive and grow into a responsible adult. Believe it or not, children want and need discipline. The author understands this and has written a book that will help many of the parents out there that are afraid to lead, or simply don't know how to. I will definitely recommend this book to any parent! - Nycole Lee

This book came to me at the PERFECT TIME!

With a toddler who is continually checking the boundaries of her own independence, our (leadership) skills are always being tested. This book is packed with a great steps to help me/us gain more authority with our daughter, because I feel like I better understand the benefits to HER! It's is about positivity, leadership, guidance, assertiveness, and the reality of modern families — but it's filled with real practical discussions about things like tone of voice, body language, demeanor, and speaking with strong, assertive words. I'm already feeling the effect on my language choices, and interactions this morning!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS! The whole concept is "parent-power" is so logical. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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