Use Your Words To Connect Deeply With Your Partner to Rekindle Your Relationship Love

Communication is the Bridge Between You and Your Partner — Learn how to make your connection healthy and strong

This best self-help book is for men and women seeking to make their relationship healthy, happy, and long-lasting. It comes with Abe's STAMP OF APPROVAL as a recommended book for Committed Relationship and Marriage Builders.

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Best self-help books for women and men:
Nonviolent Communication:
A Language of Life by Marshal B. Rosenberg

Nonviolent Communication by psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg is a marriage builders delight. Within its pages are the tools needed on how to fix a broken marriage and other relationships. There are many marriage help books, but few are as insightful as this one.

Typically, couples come to me overwhelmed by their relationship problems. They are stressed because they feel so far apart from each other. Sadly, both are wonderful individuals who mean well and are good. However, somehow through the trials and tribulations of married life, these "two good people" have disconnected, and at times even hurt each other.

The author, psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg, has developed a simple method whereby individuals can communicate with each other in a harmonious and peaceful way. Marriage builders in every situation have learned how to improve their relationships using the skills taught in this best marriage self-help book.

This book, Nonviolent Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg teaches wonderful individuals in stressed relationships how to fix a broken marriage. In fact, this book goes beyond the necessary lessons on how to fix a broken marriage and teaches its readers how to be a marriage builders, how to use communication skills to enhance their marriage in every way.

Many of my clients have alerted me to the great value of this book, Nonviolent Communication. They have told me it has helped them greatly to develop communication skills to reduce conflict and to build their relationship. In fact, many readers claim it has actually saved their marriages. They claim it is one of the best self-help books for women and men they have ever read.

As a seasoned therapist of many years, I know that many of the techniques that are used to help couples learn how to communicate better tend to be mechanical. Although it takes longer and more thought and sensitivity, the techniques in Nonviolent Communication take into consideration the feeling needs of each individual. In other words, Rosenberg puts the soul into communication strategies.

Using the strategies and techniques of nonviolent communication, the results are a much more satisfying, deep, and complete connection between two individuals — a soul connection. In many cases, this "soulful" connection will prevent marital and committed relationship breakdown.

For many readers of this book Nonviolent Communication, it will be the source of the most important life skills they ever learn. And for those in a committed relationship, the life skills taught are the essential lessons marriage builders need.

Rosenberg explains the value of expressing feelings and how to do it so that others will receive gently what you have to offer.

In addition to effective communication, Rosenberg teaches how words are a precursor to anger. Anger has caused many to ruin their lives and their relationships. Learning how to reduce or prevent anger is essential to a successful marriage. At the same time, Rosenberg teaches the deeper feelings that are the source of anger and how to express them respectfully and peacefully to others.

Rosenberg has two chapters on empathy. Empathy is something that is lacking in today’s fast-paced and hard-nosed society. Empathy is the reason to connect with another person in need. The result of doing so is emotional intimacy. Within a marriage, this creates the connection that brings forth love and endurance.

Included in the wisdom of Nonviolent Communication are many true examples of individuals who have improved their lives and relationships using the skills taught in this book. As well, after many of the chapters, Rosenberg provides exercises that reinforce the lessons taught in this book.

Nonviolent Communication is truly a book of wisdom that will impress even the most cynical individual. If more people understood and practiced the lessons in Nonviolent Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, we would have far fewer divorces, criminals, and lonely and unhappy people.

Learn how to choose your words carefully and correctly and enhance your relationships. Use the lessons taught by Rosenberg in his book Nonviolent Communication with a spouse, one’s children, or any human being one meets.

Nonviolent Communication is one of the best marriage help books available today. I highly recommend it for all who wish to be marriage builders.

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