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Free marriage counseling worksheets: How To Fix A Broken Marriage By Knowing Your Partner

Knowing each other is one of the most important of all the relationship building skills available to committed couples. This relationship building skill is well understood by couples that have successfully built a passionate marriage and long-lasting relationship.

Keep reading this free marriage advice if you want to know how to fix a broken marriage and restore the excitement and passion you once had.

The "knowledge" you know about your husband or wife distinguishes your relationship from all other relationships. No one should know you as well as your husband or wife. And if they do, it is a problem; it means you and your partner lack intimacy. And for some couples, this could be a warning sign of serious marriage trouble. 

A passionate marriage is a marriage in which you and your partner have intimate knowledge about each other.

Sexual intimacy is a good example of what it means to "know" each other. It is natural for you to undress for your partner and he or she for you. You then excite, stimulate and pleasure each other and ways permitted to no one else. In doing this, you learn about each other's bodies and very personal feelings. This sexual intimacy is only one very important way of "knowing" each other. Sexual knowledge is natural, comfortable and healthy and when continued over time will build for you and your partner a passionate marriage.

Sexual knowledge is only one type of knowledge necessary to a healthy, happy and long-lasting marriage. In fact, the more you "know" your partner, the closer you and your partner are and will continue to be in the future. Take this free marriage advice and use it well.

If you don't know your partner, and he or she you, your marriage will be lifeless, cold, and without much value to either of you.

Following is a short list of a few details you should have some idea as to what is important, liked or disliked, and desired in the future by your partner, and he or she should also know the same things about you.

Answer each marriage question and request that your partner also answer these same marriage questions. 

You may want to print these marriage questions for ease of use. Click the Print Friendly button above. From there you can also format this exercise into a PDF file or email it to a friend. Note: Printing from a computer works best. 

Do you know your partner? Answer "yes" or "no" to each marriage question indicating whether or not you know the answer: 

1. Do you know what is the name of your partner's favorite restaurant(s)? 


 2. Do you know where your partner would like to go for a favorite vacation? 


 3. Do you know how does your partner currently feel about work? 


 4. Do you know one of the best ways to get your partner sexually excited? 


5. Do you know your partner's greatest life disappointments? 


6. Do you know who are your partner's three best friends? 


7. Do you know your partner's core values (honesty, loyalty, health, etc.)? 


 8. Do you know how your partner feels about his or her parents? 


9. Do you know how your partner feels about your marriage? 


10. Do you know what type of people your partner avoids? 


11. Do you know how your partner spends his or her leisure time?


12. Do you know what is your partner's favorite holiday? 


If you answered "no" to more than a few of these marriage questions, your knowledge of your partner is deficient and you are advised to improve your relationship building skills if you are to build a passionate marriage.

You can easily improve your marriage by investing more time and effort into getting the inside scoop about your husband or wife and at the same time discover new ways on how to fix a broken marriage that lacks excitement and warmth.

When you and your partner have finished this survey of marriage questions, exchange them and take turns discussing and asking questions about each item. This is an opportunity to get to "know" each other better and build a passionate marriage.

Make up your own marriage questions

Take turns asking each other questions about yourself as a way to teach your partner more details about what is important to you. When he or she answers, and in your mind it is incorrect or incomplete, just add the details that are important. For example, ask your partner, "What is my favorite movie and why?" or "How come I am no longer friends with Bob?"

These bonus marriage questions are a good opportunity for both of you to learn about each other and to learn what is important to each of you regarding what you want your partner to know.