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Anger Issues? Take Our FREE Test To Find Out

Anger is the #1 Cause of Relationship Breakdown.

Find out if you need anger management — and if you do, get FREE and IMMEDIATE help here!

When you become angry in the moment it feels like the right thing to do.

Afterward, if you are like most people, you feel shame, embarrassment, and regret.

Angry individuals live in a sea of negative emotions!


Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT CCHT.

As a professional therapist, I have worked with hundreds of wonderful individuals seeking solutions to their anger issues and the problems that they create.

I am the real deal. Unlike many who write internet articles as a job, but don't know how to help individuals deal with their anger issues, communicate without anger, and master anger management. I know what I am talking about!

Learning from me will give you proven clinical tools and skills to manage your anger.

In my work, I have discovered that anger is the single greatest cause of relationship failure.

I am certain that the majority of relationship breakdowns could have been prevented had couples really understood how destructive anger is, and that when anger is eliminated, love can then grow and mature.

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Anger issues are the #1 cause of relationship breakdown and low self-esteem


Anger expressions harm everyone

Anger injures not only the one expressing it. Anger injures everyone exposed to it!

Anger can be compared to burning coal.

The person expressing anger is like a person tossing a hot coal to another person.

The second person is now injured holding the burning coal.

When the burning coal is tossed, pieces are scattered, landing on bystanders.

The same is true of anger: The person expressing anger is injured, the target of the anger is injured, and any person present when the anger is expressed is also injured.

Individuals who cannot control their anger are unloved

Fire and gasoline cannot live together. So too anger and love.

As fire will always prevail over gasoline, so too anger will always overcome love.

Biologically we are programmed to hold on to the memories of anger explosions and aggression and not memories of love and tenderness.

Love is fleeting and needs to be continually renewed or it is drifts away.

Anger memories stick like glue in the brain.

Consider this analogy: 

Someone hands you a fine crystal goblet and then fills it with costly champagne.

You were thrilled to be given such a delightful drink and eagerly anticipate it's pleasing taste.

You lift the goblet to your mouth, and just before it touches your lips, you notice a dead fly floating on the surface.

You are so repulsed; you need to restrain yourself from dropping the glass to the floor.

What sticks in your mind, perhaps for the rest of your life, is the memory of this dead fly floating in the champagne, not the crystal goblet or the costly champagne. 

It is human nature to hold on to negative experiences more than the positive ones.

It is a universal setting within our brains, and it does not distinguish between that which is rational or that which is irrational, that which is reasonable, and that which is unreasonable.

Anger experiences are remembered far more easily than love experiences.

Living in harmony with your partner, son, or daughter requires that you don't express or recieve outbursts or expressions of anger.

Anger and love don’t mix. If you want to love and be loved — get rid of all expressions of anger. Yes, it’s that simple and straightforward!

You want love. If you have anger... get rid of it! 

How to replace anger with love

There are many skills needed to make a healthy relationship. Being anger-free is the most important. 

However, you may not know whether or not you have an anger problem. This is because your definition of anger may be too limited.

Anger has many faces; it expresses itself in a variety of ways.

For example, sarcasm, silent treatment, impatience, expressions of frustration, passive-aggressive behavior, criticism, yelling, and violence are various ways anger is expressed.

An angry person risks losing his or her partner and creating a legacy for their children of permanent memories of unpleasantness, fear, and actual emotional disabilities.

A professional anger issues evaluation is the only way to know if you have anger problems and need anger management.

Below you can take my Anger Management Test and find out if you have anger problems or not.

After you take my Anger Management Test, you will know if you have an anger problem.

If you do have an anger problem, I will provide for you with additional anger management resources.

Once the anger is gone, you can then focus on building a loving and healthy relationship with all the members of your family.

When you transition from 'anger to love,' you transform the following:

  • Harsh judgments to favorable judgments
  • Vengeance to forgiveness
  • Suspicion to trust
  • Guilt from being angry to feelings of companionship and closeness
  • From tearing someone down to building them up
  • Hate to appreciation
  • Rejection to acceptance
  • Stagnation to moving forward

When anger is eliminated, it heals the entire family. 

When a family's home is a safe place to live because anger is not present, each member can relax and enjoy being home.

Being pleasant and loving within one's family is the ONLY way to be. There are no excuses to be any other way!

If being anger-free is difficult to achieve, I can help you.

Start by taking my anger issues test. Depending on your score, you will be given personalized guidance as to what to do next.

Staying calm and in control will allow you to feel good about yourself, protect others, and keep your valued relationships safe.

Take the FREE Anger Management Test 

No Email Required. Immediate Results. Private and Confidential.

Click - Anger Management Test

If you have anger issues, taking this Anger Management Test is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Begin now your journey to a life of peacefulness that will protect your loved ones, your relationships, and your future.

If you have an anger problem, know that thousands of angry individuals have transformed themselves into loving and gentle husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, and fathers/mothers — and so can you.

Take my test to learn if you have anger issues:

Click - Anger Management Test

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