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Free Couples Counseling: The Truth About Marriage

Couples who work on keeping their marriage strong are smart people!

free couples counseling,  how to fix a broken marriage, marriage buildersThe quality of your life will largely depend on creating a loving family. This starts with marriage — and then continues with marriage.

Marriage is a lifetime partnership, often blessed with children.

The alternative to being married is being single. The single lifestyle is devoid of many emotional, spiritual, and sexual treasures available only to married individuals.

Living alone, or with never-ending new partners as part of the dating scene, cannot possibly provide the full range of meaningful experiences available only to married individuals.

If you are unhappily married, divorce is always an option, but for most people divorce solves nothing.

And if you have children, you are never really finished with your ex. Rather divorce is a lifestyle change for the worse!

Yes, there are exceptions... When individuals divorce  —  regardless of the reason  —  and it turns out to be good for all. However, this is rare and you should not delude yourself into thinking you WILL be one of these exceptions. Yes, you might pull a rabbit out of a hat, but don't count on it!

Certainly, there are situations that demand divorces such as domestic violence, emotional abuse, and unresolved infidelity. However, these situation are rare and even these situations, with the right effort and professional help, can often be fixed.

Most divorcees report they are sadder, poorer, and angrier than before they were separated or divorced from their ex-spouse. In hindsight, many good people wonder if getting divorced really solved anything.

Outside resource: Does divorce make people happy?

Statistically, second marriages fail more frequently than first-time marriages. Why? Because the personal problems that caused the first relationship failure were never solved and then these very same 'problems' went on to contribute to the ruination of the next marriage... and for some the next next marriage. If you are in a second marriage, here are tips to avoid the pitfalls of a second marriage.

Are you in an abusive marriage? Take my emotional abuse test and find out!

Click - Emotional Abuse Test

However, for most couples divorce is sought because of conflict. Better to seek marriage counseling with a caring and competent relationship specialist or find any other means to learn how to get along peacefully with each other and take away the reasons for divorce.

Learn how to fix a broken marriage! It will be good for you and everyone else in your family.

The best solution is to learn to live happily with small relationship shortcomings while taking positive steps to increase love and satisfaction. Learn how acceptance of your partner can enhance your relationship. Certainly, there are times when divorce is the only sane option, but this is rare and seldom accounts for the actual reasons many people divorce.

For a large majority of couples, the most sensible and satisfying resolution to current problems is to work with a therapist who is a relationship specialist to help devise a plan to improve the relationship, which you then carry out. With this attitude and approach, the majority of troubled relationships will improve considerably, hopefully then leading to happiness, security, and true love.

How to rebuild your marriage 

If there are problems in your marriage, then make a personal commitment to treat your partner better. When you do so, you can be certain in turn he or she will treat you better. However, don’t expect immediate results. Your partner’s attitude and behavior toward you won’t change immediately.

You are fully aware of your good intentions, but your partner is not. Even if you tell your partner details of your good intentions, he or she may not believe them until he or she experiences the change over time.

Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. If you have mistreated your partner for years, it can take many months to fully turn around your relationship. In some cases, it can happen quickly, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. Just keep trying.

Eventually, with sincere and consistent effort, there is a high probability you will fix your broken marriage and you will see positive results.

To make your marriage or committed relationship better, you only need two things to succeed.

One: The will to do so.

Two: The tools to accomplish it.

Take my free couples counseling advice: Make up your mind to fix your marriage problems— and work together with your partner to improve your relationship. Doing so is good for you and your entire family. You can get your answers to any questions you have about  relationship counseling.

Watch this video about the 'science' of relationship failure! (or how to save your marriage or committed relationship by knowing what not to do)


If you think a lack of your lack of assertiveness is making it difficult for your partner to understand your needs and is leading to poor communication, then my self-help audiobook Assertive Behavior can teach you how to get your legitimate needs met. It can be purchased as a download or a CD from Amazon.

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