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Free Marriage Help: The 8 Ingredients to Sweeten Your Relationship

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that married individuals or individuals in a committed relationship are better off than those who live alone. They are happier, healthier, better adjusted to life, and even live longer.
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Committed couples are the happiest people!

Perhaps married individuals or those in a committed relationship do better since relationship success requires effort to give and to love. To give provides us with a deep satisfaction — a purpose to our lives. To love and be loved makes our lives worth living — it is a pleasure like no other. 

Someday science may explain why being married or in a committed relationship is beneficial. However, until that day you can accept this fact of life and do everything possible to keep your relationship and family together just as you do everything possible to maintain your good health and fend off disease.

The starting point for a successful relationship is realizing that your relationship with your partner doesn’t just happen. Rather, your relationship is made by the two of you — and the quality of your relationship will be the greatest predictor of your personal happiness.

Yes, being married or in a committed relationship as mentioned above, is the greatest opportunity for personal satisfaction. However, being in an unhappy committed relationship or being unhappily married can be like hell and the resulting stress will challenge your wellbeing and effect all areas of your life. Thus, just being married or in a committed relationship is not enough. You need to be in a happy relationship.

If you are not happy in your marriage or committed relationship — don't just settle for the status quo. Do something about it. Seek ways to make it better; hone your relationship building skills and seek solutions to your problems. With effort, you CAN improve your marriage or committed relationship.

Remember, a good marriage or committed relationship is science, not some mystery. You don't need to be an alchemist from the 17th century searching for the Philosopher’s Stone to find your relationship bliss. No, it is much more simple to be happily married or content in your committed relationship.

Some couples figure out on their own the relationship building skills that are needed to make a peaceful, loving and long lasting relationship. Unfortunately many couples don't figure out how to have a loving relationship. 

To help you with this, I have given you the keys necessary to open the doors to a healthy and long lasting marriage or committed relationship.

In a nutshell the eight acts of love that sweeten your marriage are:

  1. Be kind
  2. Be anger free
  3. Be exclusive
  4. Be accepting
  5. Honor your spouse
  6. Be private
  7. Be loyal
  8. Live with love

For all couples in a committed relationship the '8 Acts of Love' presented here are a dependable map you can follow to establish the essentials needed for a happy and long lasting marriage and committed relationship and prevent conflict and breakup. 

For more details on each loving behavior and how you can incorporate them into your relationship, you can purchase my latest groundbreaking book, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage. Then you will have this essential marriage wisdom at your fingertips.

It is true, you can find an abundance of free marriage help on the internet. However, beware; most of it is written by untrained writers trying to make a dollar or a name for themselves. On the other hand, I have been a certified marriage and family therapist for over twenty-years and the marriage help I offer is based on actual work with real couples and has proven positive results.

Watch the video below to learn how being accepting of your partner will enhance your relationship.


Learn more so you can have the best marriage or committed relationship. These best self-help books are available in our store.

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