Prevent Divorce and Relationship Breakdown? — Get the Facts!

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Fix a broken relationship with these FREE  relationship building tools

Here is a collection of free marriage counseling and committed relationship self-help tools for you to use to prevent divorce and make your marriage or committed relationship healthy, loving, happy and long-lasting. Benefit from these relationship building tools; make your family a wonderful place to live.

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QUIZ - FREE Healthy Relationship Quiz

Learn about the health of your marriage or committed relationship and what areas you and your partner need to improve.

fix a broken marriage, anger management, extreme anger

QUIZ - FREE Anger Management Test

Excessive anger is the primary cause of marital and committed relationships breakdown. Like high blood pressure, it is often difficult for individuals to know if they have 'too much' anger. Find out your anger level  — take this anger management test. Get bonus anger management tips.

Fix a broken marriage, assertive communication

VIDEO - Assertive Communication

Is your marriage or committed relationship broken? A healthy relationship rests on the ability to assert oneself. Learn more about Assertive Communication, a necessary relationship skill.

fix a broken marriage, marriage builders

VIDEO - Who Will Tell You The Truth About What Lying Does To Your Valued Relationships?

There are many ways that lying can destroy your relationship. "Honesty is the best policy." Learn why! Also, discover the two exceptions when 'lying' is the right thing to do. 

my wife wants a divorce, fix a broken marriage

VIDEO - Relationship Harmony to Stop Relationship Breakdown

Your wife wants a divorce? Many marriages can be saved with the right effort. Watch this video and learn how discord is so painful for your wife or girlfriend and what you can do to turn your situation into one of love and harmony.

how to fix a broken marriage, how to fix a broken relationship, how to save your marriage

VIDEO - The Science of Relationship Failure!

Do you want to know how to save your marriage or how to fix a broken relationship? Hint. It is not what you do that is as important as what you don't do! Watch this video and learn what not to do.

fix a broken marriage, marriage advice, free marriage counseling

VIDEO - Be Accepting

Acceptance of your partner is key to relationship success and is a powerful antidote to destructive anger. Use "acceptance" to build your marriage or committed relationship.


VIDEO - What to Do About Your Anger Problem

Uncontrolled anger leads to devastating personal and relationship injury. Learn why. And if anger control is a problem for you or a loved one, find out what you should do. This page includes links to our FREE Anger Management Quiz and our Anger Management Workbook.

save my marriage, fix a broken marriage

Your Wife Wants a Divorce (and the 5 Steps to Get Her Back)

If you are like most men, the possibility of losing your wife or girlfriend is terrifying, you can’t imagine living without her! You would very much like to turn things around and save your relationship.

fix a broken marriage, toxic relationship

QUIZ - Free Toxic Relationship Quiz

Find out if your relationship is toxic with this simple 16 question quiz. You can also get a general idea of the stage of relationship decay your partnership is in.