A Healthy Relationship Requires Two Healthy People — Build your self-esteem and your relationship

Healthy Self-esteem Builds Healthy Relationships

This is a 'best self-help book' for men and women and has received Abe's STAMP OF APPROVAL for recommended books for individuals in a marriage or committed relationship.

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Strong Self-Esteem Audiobook
Like yourself now and forever
 by Abe Kass 

Hi, this is family therapist Abe Kass.

The best self-help book for women and men looking to improve low self-esteem will teach you how to feel 'good' about being who you are.

My audio self-esteem book, Strong Self-Esteem like yourself now and forever is exactly what you need to reclaim that which you were born with... and are entitled to — 'the right to feel good about yourself.'

Listen for eight minutes each day, and you will acquire the skills, tools, and attitudes that build self-worth and a strong, healthy self-esteem.

This amazing audio self-help book is easy to use and takes only 8-minutes-a-day of learning for about three-weeks (this is an average length of time for most people).

In this best self-help book you get all the necessary strategies for success; using the best of psychology, education and hypnosis. It's like cognitive-behavioral therapy in a pill!

This book is scientifically and professionally developed and will teach you how to improve your self-esteem in only 8-minutes-a-day for 3-weeks!*

Strong Self-esteem like yourself now and forever is one of the best self-help books for women and men who are serious about improving their self-esteem.

Here are the outstanding features in this audio self-help book:
  • Convenient. You only need to listen to the self-esteem building lessons only 8-minutes a day. Plus you can learn wherever and whenever you like so it is easy to fit into a busy schedule.

  • Private. Solve your problems privately without involving others (counseling services, teachers or doctors). With Strong Self-esteem like yourself now and forever best self-help book you will learn how to improve low self-esteem by yourself and for yourself.

  • Full Mind Learning. Scientists know intellectual, logical, and analytical learning uses the 'left/conscious' side of the brain, and emotional, imaginative, and creative learning uses the 'right/subconscious' side of the brain. This course engages both sides of the mind for optimal learning, making self-esteem building easy and long-lasting. Full mind learning makes improving low self-esteem with Strong Self-esteem —like yourself now and forever one of the very best self-help books for women and men who have decided to improve low self-esteem.

  • Targets A Specific Problem. There is no need for you to listen to a lengthy collection of self-improvement audio programs or read a wordy book or two, and then try to extract from it the 5% or 10% that is relevant. This best self-help book targets a specific problem and provides a specific solution.

  • Practical Skills. Theory is nice, but change will not happen without action. Plain and simple — you learn how to improve low self-esteem using good thinking and developing new  behaviors.  
This is what you will get in this amazing self-esteem building audio book:
  • Introduction. This track teaches you how to use this best audio self-help book.

  • Intellectual Mind Instruction (8 minutes). This lesson teaches the 'intellectual' or conscious mind the basic principles and life-skills needed to feel good and enjoy your life.

  • Emotional Mind Instruction(8 minutes). This lesson uses the 'emotional' or subconscious mind to support positive self-image and confidence.

  • Deep Relaxation (about 27 minutes). This is an optional lesson that gently leads you on a personal inner journey using the power of your imagination to achieve a healthy self-esteem. 

Strong Self-esteem  
— like yourself now and forever is amongst the best of the best self-help books for women and men seeking to improve confidence, positive outlook on life, and live with a positive emotional state. I
mproving low self-esteem has never been easier or more effective.

Listen to a short clip of this audio self-esteem building best self-help book:

CAUTION: This program won't entertain but it WILL HELP YOU IMPROVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM. This program uses repetition to LEARN THE SKILLS NEEDED TO FEEL GOOD. DON'T BUY if you are looking for an old-fashioned — psychobabble — approach.

Lasting positive changes are possible using our advanced educational technologies. Learn in the privacy and convenience of your home, office, or car. In many cases, this program can be an effective alternative to traditional office therapy —  and at a fraction of the cost!

Purchase now this amazingly simple and easy to use audio learn how to build strong self-esteem best self-help book for men and women. Get the MP3 or CD version: 

  MP3 version:

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CD  version:

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Reviews of Strong Self-esteem  —  like yourself now and forever

"I really liked the 'power thoughts' on your Healthy Self-Esteem CD. Your voice was so soothing your message really sunk-in." -S.E.

"Strong Self Esteem: Push Away Low Self Esteem and Build Your Self Confidence, this is an excellent guide for making your own self esteem increase. You can allow yourself to be in a better and better place and learn to be more comfortable in your own skin. Allowing yourself the confidence to be your own 'pat on the back' or 'hug' when you really need it is paramount. This allows you to learn to be your own best friend and love the skin you are in. This is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and how you mind works when confronted with different obstacles and issues. All of us have a door that will slam shut on our ability to overcome easily. Making things harder than they seem they should be. With this guide, you use the constant mantra of 8 steps that will help release the comfortable inner-you. The clear, confident person you always know you could become. This also allows clarity towards thoughts and decision-making in your daily lives. Truly, you and your life are a great work in progress. This guide helps in making you a better and more self-reliant you. This allows you to take that step into your better future and be a more self-esteem driven you in everything that you will do." -Jane C

"Your Healthy Self-Esteem CD was excellent. Thank you. I have now given it to a friend who really needs it. She was put down by her parents for years, and even though they are no longer alive, she still suffers greatly. I believe your Healthy Self-Esteem program will really help her." -R. C. 

"Simplicity must be the ticket. There are basic concepts presented in this program that are easily grasped and get right to the core of it. They are not the concepts I had earlier heard which did little to assist.” -Benjamin 

"This audio program is not a "audio book" and is very different form the books I have read in the past. The focus is on learning a few techniques and learning them well. This is accomplished by repetition, while at times this can be boring, it is surprisingly effective.As someone short on time, I appreciated that you only need to listen for 8 minutes a day. This program has greatly improved my self esteem. I highly recommend it to anyone short on self-esteem and time." -Brave Dave

"I Feel Like a New Person. Ever since I was young child I had a problem with low Self-esteem, which has caused me to miss out on many of life's opportunities. With my new found Self-Esteem I feel like a new person. I recommend this program to anyone who suffers from low Self-esteem." -Wilkes Barre

"I found this audio very useful and easy to listen to. I acquired from the internet information about the research behind it, and found it helpful for me to fully understand the methods behind the program. I now find myself changing some of myself defeating habits and thinking patterns without effort. One of the many helpful ideas from the audio is that positive thoughts and thinking is not necessary automatic but a little effort can initiate subtle and powerful change. I would recommend this type of program to anyone." -B.D. 

"Author Abe Kass truly made something special. Not only is this CD great for your car ride to work in the morning, or listening to on your way home to ramp up your confidence and positive mood; the message throughout is one hard to forget. We start out at an 8 minute interval, switching back from intellectual to emotional growth in confidence. I found emotional to be quite difficult to work on, so I really savored those segments. I am more likely to brush off a negative mood around me; I am more confident in my work and abilities, and more willing to KEEP working on my self-esteem. For only 8 minutes a day (and although it does become repetitious, Kass knows what he is doing) and it REALLY works. I don't know what I was doing before I heard this audio. I am rating it 4 stars because of how useful it was to me, but the repetition was a little too much for me at times." -Crystal

"I have been listening to your Healthy Self-Esteem CD every day. I feel much more confident now and I am less reactive when people say mean and critical things to me. I am more capable now of feeling good in spite of what people say. Even when I think about my life as a child, I am now able to challenge the negative comments that my parents and aunt said to me. I feel, and I am, much stronger now thanks to your program." -B. S.

* Please note: 8-minutes-a-day for 3-weeks is required for typical problems. Some individuals need to use this best self-help book for a longer period of time or require occasional reviews. Also, some individuals may require specific treatments not provided by this book. Since every person's situation is unique, results cannot be guaranteed.