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Be a marriage builder. Learn how to fix a broken marriage an build a lasting and healthy relationship.

Is your relationship a sexless marriage, a mistrustful relationship, are you misunderstood, do you feel lonely in your marriage?

These are just a few of the problems that will naturally go-away when you and your partner live with "The 8 Rules for a Passionate Marriage" as clearly explained in this groundbreaking book by marriage and family therapist Abe Kass.

This book is based on 25-years of research in the trenches of marital warfare.

A good marriage is science: When you and your partner know how, when you know what to do... a happy marriage is guaranteed!

Learn what marriage builder Abe Kass knows, and when you apply this wisdom to your marriage or committed relationship — peace, respect and love will be yours. 


The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage
by marriage expert Abe Kass

In modern times, a "good marriage" is not enough to ensure its survival!

Couples now need a passionate marriage — a marriage where partners seek to be together and spend time with each other.

You need to be a marriage builder!

Don't accept a sexless marriage, emotional or physical abuse, dishonesty or anger. If you do, your marriage will be miserable and you are vulnerable to divorce.

As an experienced marriage therapist, I have discovered the "eight marriage rules" that when followed will automatically build a passionate marriage — a marriage that has everything... love, romance, sex, respect and trust.

To help you achieve a loving and lasting marriage, I have written this marriage self-help book, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage. In this best self-help book, you will learn how to use simple relationship building skills to fix a broken marriage.

A great marriage is science! When you know the formula, you will know how to build a passionate marriage — a marriage in which you and your partner enjoy being together. If these marriage rules are missing and you choose to stay together, your marriage will be one of conflict, loneliness and lacking romance.

This marriage self-help book, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage is designed with the best of psychology, education and hypnosis. For best results, read this book for about eight minutes each day, think about what you learned, and continue doing this for about three weeks. If you finish this book before three weeks, reread the sections of the book that were most relevant to you. Click to learn more about the SmartLife System of best self-help books.

Get The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage directly from a master marriage therapist and acquire the effectiveness and power of professional relationship building skills right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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Reviews of Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage:

Every Couple Must Read This. Straight forward, honest, expert advice at your fingertips.

My wife and I read this separately and will be immediately reading it again together.  We have read other relationship books because I don’t believe you can ever get enough advice when it comes to making your relationship work, but The 8 Acts Of Love That Make Your Marriage Last was one of the best and it is for the simplest of reasons.  Abe Kass provides you with straight forward, poignant information.  There is no beating around the bush.  The title of the book is the 8 Acts and you get them one after another with specific and well-designed points that lay out each and every step.  I have read other similar relationship books and found myself scoffing at some of the information.  It doesn’t always feel like it applies to me specifically or my marriage but with Kass’ book there is nothing here to scoff at.  There wasn’t a single point, in my opinion, that couldn’t apply to every couple in some shape or form.  How can anyone argue with someone who encourages kindness, loyalty, honesty and acceptance?  You will also be shown the pitfalls that we can stumble into in our marriages that break these simple Acts and how to avoid them.

Despite being laid out in a completely obvious way, the book never feels too clinical or difficult to read.  It isn’t a long book nor does it need to be.  The case studies of specific couples make it a far more interesting read and you will find at least some of their situations relatable to you.  There is nothing here that isn’t worthy of covering.  Kass doesn’t speak to only the men or the women but in fact breaks up the points to cover both sexes, in some cases even specifically speaking out to the man and woman separately.  Love Act #2 which is “Be Without Anger”, he talks about the man’s anger, the woman’s anger, anger control and concise steps to doing this.

The beauty of the book is how simple and straight forward the information is presented. It never feels condescending, accusatory or frustrating like other similar books can be.  The book will challenge you to carry out the 8 Acts and it breaks things down to make it easy to start with baby steps.  Most importantly, I believe every relationship will be strengthened by the information provided here.  It is such a vital book and so well written because it encompasses all couples at any stage of their marriage.  I even believe a couple who may find their relationship in a lot of trouble could benefit a great deal from reading this.  It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in or the status of your marriage because these acts can be applied to your life NOW!  This will be a book I refer to again and I feel like a significantly better person having read it.- Rob

This is a definite winner.

The 8 acts of love here would have saved my marriage from ending in divorce. Years removed from those days, I'm now in a new place in life and considering getting married again. These acts of love are invigorating, and make a lot of sense. I've read other books on marriage, but they have been complex in tone and nature, this is not. This is simple, serious, and can definitely help anyone that is looking for guidance in making a marriage last. Marriage is meant for a lifetime, and these 8 acts can definitely ensure that it does in fact last for the ages. I'm impressed, and recommend this book. The tips found in just 1 of the acts will help you, it's a simple approach to a complex topic, that's for sure. - Jorge Orduna

Could I please purchase a printed edition of your 8 Steps to a Happy Marriage book? I purchased the kindle edition and like it SO much, but I want to buy a printed version for my husband since he doesn't read iPads/kindle Thank you it's wonderful! - Simone

Hello, I just finished writing the review for your book, which is fantastic by the way!

I am so glad that you chose me to review The 8 Acts of Love or I probably never would have found your book, I read it with my husband and he loved it also, it's gonna help a lot.

Finally, a book that makes sense!!

This book was so simple and easy to read and I never felt like a patient being spoken to by my doctor. Everything is in terms we could easily grasp and adapt to our situation no matter what it was. I think that any couple would highly benefit by reading Mr. Kass’s book as it covers all stages of your relationship and promotes honesty, loyalty and acceptance of one anothers’ differences. He gives examples of other couples and their accomplishments to aid us in rethinking our reactions to many of the things life brings to the marriage.

Thank you Mr. Kass for writing this short book as it has been a huge help to my husband and I, and I would highly recommend it to all couples. Well Done! - Linda

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