Best self help books for men and women: Learn how surviving infidelity is possible and how after the affair has ended how to rebuild your marriage or committed relationship.

Right now it may be hard to believe  even impossible  but infidelity need not lead to the dissolution of your marriage or committed relationship.

As a cheating wife or cheating husband or as the victim of infidelity, surviving infidelity is a legitimate and achievable option. After the affair is over – the trust, dreams of a good future, and security destroyed by infidelity  can be rebuilt. Hard work... yes... but it can be done.

After the affair is over – a happy and healthy marriage or committed relationship can be established.

In fact, surviving infidelity includes examining past relationship failures that may have contributed to — although they do not excuse cheating on a wife or husband — unfaithfulness.

Dealing with infidelity includes facing marital discontent and solving outstanding issues such as having a sexless marriage or similar serious marriage problems.

If you’re the person — the cheating wife or cheating husband — who broke your commitment to be faithful, likely you are wondering how you can I piece your relationship back together.

If you are the partner betrayed, you may be feeling that surviving infidelity is a burden too heavy to carry; dealing with infidelity too confusing and overwhelming.

For each person involved, having guidance from trained relationship specialists can lighten your load, clarify for you how to survive infidelity, and provide you with the necessary steps needed recover from infidelity and eventually repair past marriage problems.

For some, learning from the best self-help books for women and men on recovering from infidelity is essential.

Even if you seek the help of a trained relationship specialist to guide you on your infidelity recovery journey — and it is advisable that you find someone — best self-help books available on surviving infidelity can be life saver keeping you afloat when confronted with emotional turbulence.

Often couples don’t survive infidelity. Unless both partners are committed to surviving infidelity and willing to face the challenges it has created, the marriage is doomed to break-apart; or carry on cold, conflicted and uncomfortable. For example, after the affair is over, living with a sexless marriage should not be a legacy or an option.

The books in this section, Surviving Infidelity, are for those partners who genuinely seek to remain together and work past the pain and damage infidelity has caused. The trauma of infidelity does not need to last a lifetime — nor should it!

Fixing your damaged relationship is an arduous task; one that requires patience and a strict adherence to proven guidelines that are sometimes difficult  even unpleasant  to follow.

Whether you are the cheating wife, cheating husband, or the betrayed partner — if you want a successful recovery, you need to take an active role to fix the damage infidelity has caused.

Make a purchase today of one or more of our reviewed and recommended books. Learn how surviving infidelity is possible, how to successfully achieve recovery from infidelity, and how to make sure infidelity never happens again.

after the affair, surviving infidelity, dealing with infidelityNot "Just Friends"Rebuilding Trust
and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity

Shirley P. Glass, PhD

This textbook like volume on surviving infidelity is a best self-help book for women and men dealing with infidelity. It covers every aspect of marital and committed relationship cheating from beginning to its end. Glass explains how infidelity starts, what maintains this elicit relationship, what causes it to fall apart, what happens after the affair is over, who are its victims, what is recovery like or alternatively what happens to those married individuals that part ways as a result of the breach of trust caused by infidelity.

For those of you dealing with infidelity, there is probably no other book on the market today that has as much detailed information on every topic of surviving infidelity. Whether you are just discovering that your wife or husband has been cheating or you are focused yourself on getting over an affair, this book can be a vital road map.

Glass provides essential information gleaned from her clinical practice of working with 350 couples who are surviving infidelity, numerous research studies, and clinical expertise. This book includes many questionnaires to help you clarify in your mind how you feel and how to understand your situation and your options.

Because surviving infidelity is a very technical subject, Glass uses many stories from her clinical practice to help present the reader the intricacies, challenges, and opportunities for those who are caught-up in the infidelity storm. Each story is a window into the lives of real people who have suffered and struggled to regain their dignity and sanity.

Glass begins her book by debunking some of the common myths regarding infidelity. For example, that infidelity only happens in unhappy marriages or infidelity is the result of sexual attraction. Each page provides more and more information to help the reader understand why and how infidelity victimizes so many people.

After the affair has been discovered, Glass tells you what to do if you or your partner are ambivalent regarding the next step.

Glass explains how to find the correct marriage therapist to help you get past the pain and impasses of reconciliation.

Not "Just Friends" provides a wealth of information to help the reader getting over an affair make informed decisions regarding whether he or she should participate in marital reconciliation upon discovering that his or her partner has been unfaithful.

Glass points out that one of the difficulties in getting over an affair is that the unfaithful partner must become the healer. The unfaithful partner must move toward the pain and offer comfort to the betrayed. This process is like steering a ship through a storm. This book provides the navigation map needed to safely arrived at the desired destination.

The list of topics covered in this book is long.

For those of you who are looking for a simple and quick read, this may not be the book for you. It goes into so much detail for some it may seem overwhelming and perhaps even add to the confusion when in the midst of recovery after the affair has been revealed.

However, for those of you dealing with infidelity and you need to understand a situation fully before making a decision, this then is a great book for you.

Not "Just Friends," Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity, by Shirley P. Glass, PhD is a good read and a great resource. The information it provides is accurate, clinically sound, and is presented in a way that makes complicated relationship choices seem to be common sense decisions.

For those of you who are dealing with infidelity and its aftermath, this book, Not "Just Friends" can be a dependable and insightful voice guiding you through each step of your long journey.

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after the affair, surviving infidelity, dealing with infidelity


surviving infidelity, after the affair
After the Affair — Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust
When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful
by Janis Abrahms Spring

I really wish all newlyweds or newly committed partners would read this book. If they did, they would never have to worry about surviving infidelity.

It is appalling realizing your partner male/female is being unfaithful. What do you do?

After the AffairHealing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust, When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful by Janis Abrahms Spring, is uncannily powerful and seems to have the answers to many infidelity situations that happen to both the cheating husband, cheating wife, and the betrayed partner.

There are answers, a realization to situations, which you experience and which run through your mind when those all-powerful marriage vows are violated.

When infidelity is discovered, your state of mind which, at any given moment seems a complete and utter muddle. There is no logical explanation of how you perceive yourself in these situations. What you will do, how you will accept what has happened to you or think it is happening to you.

Surviving infidelity becomes the challenge of your lifetime!

After the affair, there are explanations by Janis Spring that will help to heal what seem to be a hopeless situation.

This edition has the power to interpret, make sense of what has happened, help you deal with it in a sane manner. Read it and see for yourself.

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surviving infidelity, cheating wife, cheating husband

surviving infidelity, cheating husband, cheating wife, forgive, forgivness

How Can I Forgive You? The Courage to Forgive, The Freedom Not To
by Janis A. Spring

Forgiving a cheating husband or a cheating wife — after much of the surviving infidelity work has been done — is proof you are on the recovering from infidelity road.

Without forgiveness, both you and your cheating wife or cheating husband will get stuck, and you will lose the opportunity to rebuild, repair, and make your marriage better than ever.

Janis Spring points out that sometimes we have to learn to accept a transgression by others, classed as a "bad deed." You need to weight up the entire wrong and decide how you can best forgive.

Forgiveness is an unconditional gift and cannot be earned. It has to be granted with emotion and the only person who can grant this is you — the victim who has been betrayed!

Remember this, when you even consider forgiving, first weigh up the truth. Think of the ugly, heavy burden you are carrying around all because you may feel you are too big, too proud to forgive.

For those dealing with infidelity and after the affair has ended, this healing book offers step-by-step instructions that will help you make peace with others and with yourself. No-one is that big that they cannot forgive and who does it benefit the most? YOU!

Being the hurt person, Janis Spring goes on to say in her book, does not mean you can proffer cheap forgiveness. You need to be sincere and only your heart can tell you when the time is right.

Offer up a small portion of the blame, however small, this may help you and… at the same time is well accepted by the transgressor as a token of the real you. Think hard about this before you decide not to forgive, it may change your mind!

True forgiveness puts you on the highroad and this benefits everyone.

This book by Janice Spring is a must read for all of you who are dealing with infidelity and  together with your partner  forgiveness will be an essential ingredient in as part of your overall surviving infidelity plan and marriage recovery.

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Surviving infidelity, cheating wife, cheating husband, dealing with infidelity