Surviving Infidelity — When Possible You Should Try!

Questions and Answers on how to survive infidelity:

Professional help: When to Walk Away After Infidelity [8 factors]

How To Get Over Cheating [what you need to know to survive]

Surviving Infidelity: Recovery Overload

Rebuild Your Relationship After The Affair Is Over

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Cheat!

What Influences the Recovery of a Relationship After an Affair?

5 Infidelity Recovery Criteria Required of the Cheater and the Victim

5 Negative Effects Adultery Has on a Family

To Forgive or Not to Forgive? Take the Quiz Below and Find Out

11 Reasons Why People Cheat [That Don't Justify Their Bad Behavior]

Current Affairs: When an Infant Is Born into Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity: Bitterness After the Affair

Five Ways to Deal With Torturous Thoughts After the Affair

Surviving Infidelity: You Have Brakes to Prevent Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity: “All-in-the-Family” Adultery

Surviving Infidelity: Loyal Spouse’s Guide to Avoiding Romantic Entanglements

Surviving Infidelity: Does a One-Night Stand Count as Cheating?

Dealing with Infidelity: Talking to Your Children

Surviving Infidelity: The Cheater Accepts Responsibility for the Affair

Dealing with Infidelity — Deal with Past Relationship Issues

Surviving Infidelity: Prove That the Affair Has Ended

Surviving Infidelity: Ceasing All Contact With the Outside Person

Surviving Infidelity: Can Cheating on Your Spouse Stave Off Divorce?

Surviving Infidelity: 7 Do's When a Cheating Husband, Wife or Partner Blames You for the Affair!

Dealing With Infidelity: How to End an Affair

Surviving Infidelity: The Three Most Important Questions to Ask

Surviving Infidelity: The 6 Mistakes to Avoid After the Affair Is Discovered!

After the Affair: What's in Him or Her May Kill You!

Surviving Infidelity: DIAMONDS FOR MY LOVER!

Surviving Infidelity: Comparisons to the Outside Lover

Surviving Infidelity Tips: Do Not Confront the Outside Lover

Best Marriage Advice: 9 Safeguards that Prevent Infidelity


Get the expert guidance you require to recover from infidelity here.

If you are one of the couples who want to recover from infidelity, not all do, then you require professional guidance on how to navigate the many pitfalls you will encounter on your journey to recovering and rebuilding your marriage or committed relationship. My name is Abe Kass, I am the author of this site and a relationship expert and I can help you.


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Here Is FREE Self-Help for Couples Recovering From Infidelity

Here is a collection of free marriage counseling and committed relationship self-help tools for recovery from infidelity. Your relationship does not need to end because of infidelity or continue as a sick relationship without trust or closeness. Benefit from these infidelity recovery tools and make your family a healthy, loving, and a happy place to live.

VIDEO - How to Forgive a Cheating Husband or a Cheating Wife Video

Without 'forgiveness,'  your infidelity recovery is incomplete.  Forgiveness is based on merit. Learn what you and your partner can do to entitle yourselves to 'merit' the gift of forgiveness. This video has been watched by over 40,000 individuals. 
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QUIZ - Should you forgive a cheating partner?

Forgiveness is dynamic between two people. As such, not every person is entitled to be forgiven for their relationship sins. Take this CONFIDENTIAL QUIZ(no email necessary) and get IMMEDIATE RESULTS to see if your partner, who cheated on you, has earned the right to be forgiven.

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VIDEO - Who Will Tell The Truth About What Lying Does To Your Valued Relationships?

Many people think that lying is a reasonable part of communicating. Lying may be common, but it is not 'reasonable,' since it leads to relationship breakdown and other tragedies.

Many families have been ripped apart because of the lies. Don't let this happen to you and your family! 

In spite of what I have just said, there are two exceptions when a person should lie.

Watch this video and learn more.

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VIDEO - Recovering from infidelity: What do you want your future to be?

Surviving infidelity? Are you the victim? Do you have many questions and want to know how to get over an affair? Watch this video and get answers.


VIDEO - 11 Reasons Why People Cheat on Their Partner

Learn the 11 common reasons individuals cheat on their partners. These reasons offer an explanation, not a justification. Infidelity is ALWAYS wrong!