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Surviving Infidelity: DIAMONDS FOR MY LOVER!

Your cheating partner has given gifts or received gifts from his for her outside lover; this is a serious problem and a clear relationship breach. Recovery and dealing with infidelity requires clear thinking. Know how to confront this relationship error when faced with marital infidelity.

Surviving infidelity when there has been gift giving

An age-old act of endearment is giving a gift. Doing so as an expression of love. Gift giving between husband and wives has been going on since the beginning of time.

surviving infidelity

After an affair is over one of the most shocking and upsetting revelations is the discovery that your partner bought the outside lover expensive gifts. Often this becomes a sticky point as you and your spouse are dealing with infidelity and its aftermath.

After an affair

"When my husband finally opened up and told me the details about his relationship with that slut whom he carried on with for six months, I almost fainted, One of the things that he told me after the affair ended was that he bought her a diamond necklace.

For years, I have been after him to buy me jewelry. His response was always the same: We don't have the money for it. Can you imagine how I felt when I learned that he spent $1200 which he snuck out of our savings account to pay for a diamond necklace for this other woman.

I screamed, I was shattered. And my husband…, his only response was, from now on I won't tell you anything.

This foolish man understands nothing. He thinks it is the bad news that is killing me. I tried to explain to him how I felt cast aside and worthless, not taken serious all these years when I pleaded for jewelry and he said no."
Recovering from infidelity- What do you want your future to be_

Getting over infidelity

Surviving infidelity includes many challenges. When your partner opens up and tells you the truth about what happened, this is very good and proves that your relationship is on the way to recovering from the affair.

Know, that gift giving between your partner and his illicit lover goes with the turf just as lying goes with stealing. You cannot have one without the other—it's part of the pain you need to endure when getting over infidelity.

This is not to excuse or exonerate the cheating partner, not at all. Rather, it is to make the point that you need to see gift giving in the context of the bigger picture—your partner betrayed you. Along with that comes many other relationship horrors you will discover during the process of recovering from an affair.

After an affair is over, and you hear many unpleasant things, know that all this goes with the crime of marital infidelity and getting over an affair.

You have every right to be disgusted with your cheating partner who gave gifts behind your back to the outside lover who has been instrumental in ruining your life and putting your family at risk. However, as with all the unpleasant things that are part of surviving infidelity you need to accept this as part of the infidelity.

If, there are presents or any articles at any location (home, work, etc.) that were given to your partner by this outside person, they must be surrendered and destroyed. For your partner to insist that after the affair he can selfishly keep these gifts is cruel. Should this be the case, do not accept his or her foolishness. 

Successful dealing with infidelity demands the removal of all gifts and material objects that are a reminder of the affair. When marital infidelity has occurred, this is fair and necessary.

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