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Rebuild Your Relationship After The Affair Is Over

After The Affair Is Over, Try To Rebuild Your Relationship

If you or your partner has cheated, when possible, it is always best to reconcile and keep your legitimate relationship together. This is especially true when you have children.

Certainly, if the cheater is not remorseful or has not ended the relationship with his/her paramour, reconciliation is impossible.

Surviving infidelity and keeping your legitimate relationship together under such circumstances is relationship suicide.

In my experience, most people who cheat regret having done so and sincerely want to repair the relationship damage they have caused. Although doing so is difficult, with the right effort and with the help of a properly trained relationship specialist, it can be achieved. Learn what predicts the recovery of a relationship after an affair.

Keeping your relationship together is important. There is a great deal of research that shows individuals in a committed, satisfying, and long-lasting relationship fare better than individuals who are alone or who have multiple partners.

after the affair, surviving infidelity, my wife cheated, my husband cheatedPeople in happy, long-lasting relationships are on average wealthier and healthier. This has been proven by many studies conducted by qualified researchers over a span of many years.

The full benefit of living in a committed relationship is actualized only when the relationship is happy, loving, and satisfying.

This is especially true when you have children who suffer terribly when their birth parents split up.

After a family breakup, children often become members of a blended family which is notoriously difficult at being harmonious and beneficial for everyone.

Yes, being in a blended family is a good thing. However, to make it work for everyone, the family often requires guidance from a qualified professional in addition to hard work by each member to make a new family .

Certainly, I recognize that there are times when divorce is not only legitimate but necessary. Should you be in this unfortunate situation you should not feel guilty at all because of the decision you have had to make.

I am encouraging only those individuals, who with the right effort and the right help, can pull their relationship back together and make it healthy and happy. If you are in this category of couples, I encourage you to make every effort to stay married. Learn what are the three most important questions to ask if you want to survive infidelity.

After the affair is over, rebuilding your committed relationship is possible. Countless couples have done so in the past, and you too can do it now.

Need help personal and private help to rebuild after the affair is over? Go to my infidelity website and learn more: Infidelity help by Relationship Expert Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT.

The following infographic highlights many of the benefits of being in a marriage or committed relationship:

after the affair, surviving infidelity, my wife cheated, my husband cheated

Quiz: Should You Forgive Your Partner For Cheating?

Watch this video to learn how to forgive your partner who cheated.

Surviving infidelity- _How do I forgive a cheating husband or a cheating wife__

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