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Therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT

Abe is a member in good standing with the following professional organizations. This is your "proof" of his competency as a marriage and family therapist, social worker, and clinical hypnotherapist.

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These are Abe’s professional credentials:
Registered with:
Ontario College of Social Workers, #778353
Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, #21934  
National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, #1726
National Organization of Forensic Social Workers
Approved Provider:
Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division
Nunavut Legal Service Board
Off-site Health Services for Canadian National Defense Forces
Health Care Provider for Medavie Blue Cross, #778353

Amazing success: Marriage problems – Family conflict – Communication help – Domestic violence – Infidelity – Parenting solutions – Anger management – Anxiety – Depression – Assertiveness training – Increase happiness – Hypnosis for positive change

Office, phone, Skype appointments

Office appointment for personal, marriage and family counselling for residents of Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York and Toronto. Phone and Skype appointments available worldwide.

Come alone or come with your partner or child.

One time consult or extended therapy. Over twenty years successfully helping individuals, couples and families of all races, religions and creeds.

Free initial phone consultation to discuss your needs.

"Give me a call and let me help." — Abe

See what professionals say about Abe's services

We have sent many of our patients to other therapists and doctors. However, we have not seen the kind of success we are now witnessing with the patients we are now sending you. (FAMILY PHYSICIAN & MEDICAL CLINIC DIRECTOR)

What impresses me most about your work is your sensitivity and caring. (FAMILY THERAPIST)

I am completely amazed how you have helped several families whom I have sent you. Everyone had given up hope that things could get any better for these individuals, but their situations have improved dramatically. Allowing me to attend several sessions with these families has allowed me to understand how 'bad' things can really get, and how such situations can actually improve. I give you a lot of credit for what you do, and what you accomplish. (CLERIC)

Over the years I have sent you many clients. They all love you! Every time people come to me with relationship problems I immediately send them to you." (LAWYER THAT SPECIALIZES IN FAMILY LAW)"

"I have worked closely with you on many occasions and your talent, skill, and success is apparent. (PSYCHOLOGIST)

You have given so much help to our friend it is amazing. Without your assistance I don't know how he could have managed with all the stress of going through the divorce and legal challenges. You are really a professional with a good sense of what needs to be done during times like this. He is really comforted by you. (CLERIC). 

I am very happy to send you clients. I see first hand your success and value for my clients. (LAWYER)

I tell all my patients in need of stress management that I benefited immensely from using your services myself. I encourage them to give you a call. (FAMILY PHYSICIAN)

Thank you for coming to speak to our group on “Parenting as a Team.” Your thoughts on parenting will help raise a new generation of healthy children, and will help to empower parents in the challenging tasks that they often face. Your words were well received and appreciated. (CHAIRPERSON OF THE ADULT EDUCATION COMMITTEE)

The clients I send you always give me such good feedback. (FAMILY PHYSICIAN)

Feedback from my patients has been overwhelmingly positive and I have personally witnessed the fruits of your labor time and time again. This is why I continue to send my patients in need of personal and family mental health services to you. (FAMILY PHYSICIAN)

I have known Abe Kass professionally for a number of years. He is a skilled counsellor who applies himself diligently and sensitively to his clients. (PSYCHOLOGIST)

I am personally familiar with the important work of Abe Kass. Through his marriage therapy skills, he has aided a significant number of families to live renewed and meaningful lives. (CLERGY)

I have had excellent feedback from my patients who have used your services for individual counseling, group counseling, marital counseling, and stress management. I am happy your services are available for the patients of our clinic. (FAMILY PHYSICIAN)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the splendid work you are doing with my clientele. I know that working with Motor Vehicle Accident victims can be challenging and time-consuming. It is a real pleasure seeing rapid and effective results in such a short period of time. I am sure that the claimants and their insurers are also grateful for the timeliness and cost effectiveness of your treatment approach. Thank you again, for your dedication and hard work. I look forward to working with you in the future. (REHABILITATION COUNSELOR)

"Thank you for all the families that you have helped. I know it is a difficult job and I appreciate that I can rely on your dedication to give those people in need your help." (CLERIC)

I have sent a number of my clients to Family Therapist / Social Worker Abe Kass over the past several years. Overall, I have been very satisfied with the counseling services he provides. In particular, I am impressed with his specialty in anger management. (SENIOR LAWYER, LAW PROFESSOR AND AUTHOR)

Since we married, about 20 years ago, we have been going to therapists for one reason or another. I must say, from all the therapist we have met you are clearly the best. Your professionalism and skills are unmatched. (CEO, INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION)

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Unsolicited Success Comments

Thank you. Things are much calmer now. We've even been talking again. We really appreciate how you got to the root of matters so efficiently so that we have some peace again. Looking forward to working on things much deeper in the future. - Vaughan

Just yesterday my wife went to a lawyer to talk about divorce. After we saw you she felt so much better we actually went on a date and had a delightful time. Thanks for everything and we will certainly be back. - Thornhill

I was really scared. I had pains in my chest. I went straight to my doctor. After a thorough checkup, he told me it was stress. I went to you for stress management counseling. I learned how relax and be more assertive. Now I feel great. - Thornhill

How does one say thank you for what you have done for us? You taught us the skill of speaking civilly to each other. We are able to broach any topic, even the sensitive ones. We are able to tell each other our feelings. We are able to really hear & understand what the other person is saying. And we are able to convey that we have heard and understood. And then we are able to move onto the next step to solve our problem, based on the feelings that we each have. - Richmond Hill 

When I sent you my 17-year-old son he was depressed and worried about himself. After only three meetings he now feels so good about himself. He is so happy and I am very appreciative. Thank you - Thornhill

Your idea of how to positively influence my wife was absolutely amazing. It was so simple yet brilliant. When I tried it, it really worked. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Everything looks different now. - Richmond Hill

Marriage and family counselling / therapy for Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, and Vaughan. Also, for those individuals unable to come to Abe's office, counselling is available using the telephone and Skype. Abe has many clients throughout Canada and the USA.



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