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About Family Therapist Abe Kass MA, RSW, RMFT, CCHT

Abe Kass, M.A., R.S.W., R.M.F.T., is a registered Social Worker, registered Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and award-winning educator and writer. He has a busy family therapy practice working with individuals, couples, and their families in Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York in Ontario, Canada.

Abe is a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers, the Ontario and American Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy, and the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.

These are Abe’s professional credentials:
Registered with:
Ontario College of Social Workers, #778353
Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, #21934  
National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, #1726
National Organization of Forensic Social Workers
Approved Provider:
Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division
Nunavut Legal Service Board
Off-site Health Services for Canadian National Defense Forces
Health Care Provider for Medavie Blue Cross, #778353

Abe is a graduate of Norwich University in Vermont, where he received his interdisciplinary masters degree in Social Work and Family Therapy. He also has a bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of California where he graduated with honors. He successfully completed his internship at Jewish Family and Child Service in Toronto and the George Hull Center for Children and Families in Etobicoke. He is a former professor of psychology at the Beth Jacob Academy of Higher Learning in Toronto.

As an experienced registered Social Worker, registered Marriage and Family Therapist, and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Abe will provide you with a service of the highest quality and standard. Proof of the success of his work is that most of his new clients are referred to him by former satisfied clients.

Abe has worked for over 25-plus years helping couples and individuals living in Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and North York. As well, via Skype and phone he has counseled many individuals and couples throughout the world.

Besides finding a therapist that has the appropriate professional credentials — he or she must also have healthy personal values, and care about you and your family. Abe has all three qualifications — he has the highest professional credentials, healthy personal values, and he sincerely cares about his clients and their families.

At times, life can be very challenging for all of us. We can all occasionally benefit from the assistance of a teacher, coach, or guide during particularly difficult moments in life. Abe is ready to help. 

Abe is married with seven children and is blessed with too many grandchildren to count. As well, he has four goldfish and one bullfrog in his backyard pond (at the time of this writing — the raccoon often unexpectedly changes these stats!).

See photos of Abe's comfortable counselling office:

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Abe's promise to you...

  • I will give you prompt and detailed attention to you and your problem

  • I will listen carefully to what you think and what you want 

  • I will do my best to be accessible 

  • I will be honest 

  • I will demonstrate genuine care 

  • I will provide you with the highest professional standards 

  • I will be compassionate

  • I will stay abreast of the latest scientific research that may apply to your situation 

  • I will be determined to help you achieve your personal and relationship goals 

  • I will consultation with specialists in other professions for your benefit 

  • I will try to return calls as soon as possible 

  • I will not be arrogant or aloof, rather I will talk to you in a meaningful and sincere way 

  • I will take responsibility for treatment 

  • I will not give up if the situation is difficult 

  • I will be sensitive to your financial situation 

  • I will support your need and right to "graduate" as soon as possible — to solve your problem and be on your way... 


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Unsolicited Success Comments

"I know this call is long overdue. And I apologize for that. We talked about making a follow-up appointment session after the last appointment, but we never followed-up on that. And the good news is that we really didn’t feel at this point that we needed to follow-up. We really feel, and I will speak very personally myself, that you made a huge impact. Most specifically for me, I feel you opened my husband’s eyes to different things and I didn’t feel I was alone about things that were bothering me. This is not to say that I don’t recognize that I have lots of faults that you brought to my attention, obviously something I am working on. But most of all succinctly, with your skill and your compassion, you were able to bring us together to be there for me when it was hard for my husband to see my perspective at all. Thank you very much for that. I suspect we’ll see you again in the future, because you’re a person that helps us with our faults and helps us to communicate better with each other. And again, thank you very much." -Vaughan

Once the problems with our children have been resolved, we began to focus on each other. Many of the sensitivities that we learned with regards to the kids we have now applied to our relationship with each other and it works. We used to be so angry at each other we barely cared about each other, now we worry about each other’s welfare. Perhaps we have even gone too far, but it is rather remarkable when we contrast this with where we were about a year ago when we first met you.Our family, for many years in the past, has been disorganized and dysfunctional. Recently we went away on a holiday with several other families and we noticed that we were one of the few families that functioned well. Again, it highlighted for us how far we have come and how appreciative we are for your guidance and skill. Good counselors are very hard to find. We just regret not having met you years ago when our problems first began piling-up. - North York

Marriage and family counselling / therapy for Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, and Vaughan. Also, for those individuals unable to come to Abe's office counselling is available using the telephone and Skype. Abe has many clients throughout Canada and the USA.



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