Best self help books for women and men: Being "motivated" is the most important part in losing weight!

Being overweight is "bad" for too many reasons it even attempt to list!

You feel sick, it is difficult to move, your health is compromised, you don't look your best—and worst of all, you do all this to yourself. Nobody forces food in your mouth. Only you do!

You know all this... but still, nothing changes!

So what's the problem? 

The answer is simple: When people think about losing weight, they think "diet." This is wrong! It is easy to find a good diet. The challenge is to stick with it... to continue the diet and after losing weight to keep it off. If you truly want to lose weight you should be thinking about "motivation," not "diet." Motivation comes first, and then diet.

The best self-help books for women and men wanting to lose weight emphasizes the importance of motivation. Anyone can tell someone what to do, but getting them to do it, that is the real challenge. The same is true for advising someone on how best to lose weight.

The best self-help books for women and men wanting to lose weight teach first and foremost "motivation." And then how to diet. Without "motivation" there is no self-control. Without "self-control" there is no weight loss.

The best self-help books inspire you to build your motivation muscles. Then you can pick a good diet, stick with it, and then go on to lose weight. 

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Get SlimIncrease Motivation Decrease Weight by Abe Kass

In only a 8-minutes-a-day, you can learn how to get motivated and how to stay motivated to lose weight.

And one of the many great things about this program is you can use any good diet to achieve health, beauty and well-being.

Unlike many both "good" and "bad" best self-help books for women and men wanting to lose weight, Get Slim audio book helps you acquire the personal strength necessary so you can stick with your goal to lose weight and keep it off. 

Get Slimis a unique gem amongst a glut of self-help books teaching weight loss.

Use Get Slim alone or use it with other best self-help books.  

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